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Call for nominees: 2016 AIA Representatives on NAAB Visiting Team

Deadline: 11:59 pm PST, February 25, 2015

The AIA seeks nominees for 2016 AIA representatives on the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) school visitation team roster for a term of four years. The final selection of members participating in the accrediting process will be made by NAAB.

Please review all information below before submitting a nomination packet. Complete packets, including a standard NAAB cover sheet, letter of nomination, and 2-page resume must be received by February 25, 2015.



Nominating Procedure

AIA members shall be nominated annually by the AIA President for inclusion on a roster of members available to serve on visiting teams for a term of four years.

AIA members are invited to submit a complete nomination packet for consideration by the AIA President. Complete nomination packets must include:

    • A standard NAAB cover sheet (click to download)

    • One page letter of nomination

    • 2-page resume including any accreditation experience.

AIA Staff will review all complete nomination packets and recommend to the AIA President nominees for inclusion on visitation team rosters.

Nominee Qualifications

The candidate should demonstrate:

    • Reasonable length and breadth of professional experience

    • Connection to architectural education, including membership on advisory boards, part-time faculty appointments, or accreditation experience

    • Service to AIA at any level, including National, state and local boards or committees. 

Each candidate will be assessed on personal merit, and may not answer completely to all these criteria; however, a nominee must be an active practitioner with an active AIA member record (Assoc. AIA, AIA, or FAIA).

AIA Nominee Selection

All AIA members are encouraged to apply. The AIA seeks diverse practitioners with a broad array of education, practice, and firm experiences. AIA service and geographic diversity will be considered. Spanish-speaking practitioners are needed and diversity among team members is desired. The number of candidates submitted to NAAB will be limited in order to increase the likelihood of their timely selection by NAAB for service.

Description of Team & Visit

Pending acceptance of the Architectural Program Report (APR), a team is selected to visit the school. The site visit is intended to validate and supplement the school’s APR through direct observation. During the visit, the team evaluates the school and its architecture programs through a process of both structured and unstructured interactions. The visit is intended to allow NAAB to develop an in-depth assessment of the school and its programs, and to consider the tangible aspects of the school’s nature. It also identifies concerns that were not effectively communicated in the APR.

Visits happen over a 5-day period, Saturday–Wednesday. Spring visits generally occur between late January and early April; fall visits are generally scheduled between late September and early November.

The visit is not independent of the other parts of the accreditation process. The visiting team submits a report to NAAB; NAAB then makes a decision regarding accreditation based on the school’s documentation, the team report, and other communications.

Team Selection

The visiting team consists of a chairperson and members selected from a roster of candidates submitted to NAAB by NCARB, ACSA, the AIA, and AIAS. Each of these organizations is invited to update its roster annually by providing resumes of prospective team members. Nomination by AIA does not guarantee placement on a visiting team.

A team generally consists of four members, one each from ACSA, NCARB, AIA, and AIAS. NAAB selects the team and submits the list to the school to be visited. The school may question the appointment of members where a conflict of interest arises. The selection of the chairperson is at the discretion of NAAB.  

NAAB tends to rely on experienced team members in order to maintain the quality level of its visits and reports, and to comply with COPA and U.S. Department of Education guidelines. Each team member shall have had previous visit experience, either as a team member or observer, or shall be required to complete the NAAB’s team training program – both online and face-to-face – prior to participating on a visiting team. The NAAB will provide additional information about training sessions to nominees.

The NAAB will reimburse travel expenses for school accreditation visits. Other costs, including travel costs to face-to-face training workshops, are the responsibility of the nominated member.

Nominations Deadline and Calendar

The deadline for receipt of complete nomination packets, including standard NAAB cover sheet, 1-page letter of nomination; and 2-page resume including any accreditation experience, is February 25, 2015. E-mail nomination preferred; please send all nomination information to AIA will notify those nominees whose names will be forwarded to NAAB by May 2015. NAAB will issue the roster of faculty members selected for 2015-2016 team visits in November 2015.

Nominations should be sent to:

    The American Institute of Architects

    c/o Lindsey Mullarkey

    1735 New York Ave NW

    Washington, DC 20006


Additional Information

For additional information, please see the NAAB Conditions for Accreditation and Procedures for Accreditation at


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