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Minimalist Desert Modernism on Display in Arizona

For AIA Arizona’s 2012 design awards, wide open desert vistas are complimented by uncomplicated Miesian Modernism. There are stripped-down desert viewing platforms by Wendell Burnette Architects and larger, multi-faceted and rectilinear buildings by SmithGroupJJR that alternate glass with opaque materials in rich patterns.


Honor Award

Honor Award: South Mountain Community Library in Phoenix, designed by Richard+Bauer. Jury comments: The fenestration pattern pulls the project together. Every surface is thoughtful. This project is complete from the parti to the final detail, and the landscape is elegant. Image courtesy of Bill Timmerman / Mark Boisclair Photography.

Honor Award

Honor Award: Cavalliere Park in Scottsdale, Ariz., designed by Weddle Gilmore black rock studio. Jury comments: Spartan and simple, this project displays a very restrained and mature hand that knew when to stop. This is a very poetic integration of the landscape and architecture. Image courtesy of Bill Timmerman.

Honor Award

Honor Award: Dialogue House in Phoenix, designed by Wendell Burnette Architects. Jury comments: This project is extremely poetic, with sober forms, softened by the landscape. It’s experiential on all levels, with a different character between night and day. Image courtesy of Bill Timmerman.

Merit Award

Merit Award: Chandler City Hall in Chandler, Ariz., designed by SmithGroupJJR. Jury comments: The building has an appropriate level of fracturing. Nice urban scale–especially the way that the massing meets the street. This has a great civic presence and a great urban solution. Image courtesy of Bill Timmerman.

Merit Award

Merit Award: College Community Center & Science/Agriculture Lab Building in Yuma, Ariz., designed by Gould Evans. Jury comments: There’s a density to this project – so much density you have to take time to figure it out. [There are] deliberate design moves that all work together. Images courtesy of Matt Winquist.

Merit Award

Merit Award: Project:  Parker Hannifin European Headquarters in Etoy, Switzerland, designed by Westlake Reed Leskosky. Jury comments: [This project] was very disciplined, refined, and constrained. Image courtesy of Thomas Jantscher / Zoom by Mobimex.

Merit Award

Merit Award: Okland Construction in Tempe, Ariz., designed by Weddle Gilmore black rock studio. Jury comments: This is a single use building with a sense of community created by the courtyard.  The different elements of construction are nicely detailed, and done in an artful way.  The building is demure–but confident. Image courtesy of Bill Timmerman.

Citation Award

Citation Award: Project:  The Two in Xiamen, China, designed by Line and Space, LLC. Jury comments: We liked the subtlety of the plan. This building will transform into a community arts center over time. The poetic shape of the walls move you through the building as it reveals its interior. Image courtesy of Yang Chaoying.

Citation Award

Citation Award: The Q Building Renovation at Paradise Valley Community College in Paradise Valley, Ariz., designed by SmithGroupJJR. Jury comments: The architect took one big idea and really transformed the project. The architect used exuberant restraint. Image courtesy of Liam Fredrick.

Citation Award

Citation Award: Integrated Education Building at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, designed by SmithGroupJJR. Jury comments: This project is compositionally strong and consistent. One of the strengths is there is no back side of the building.  The building is a campus unto itself. Image courtesy of Liam Fredrick.

Unbuilt Merit Award

Unbuilt Merit Award: San Diego Miramar College Advanced Transportation Technology Building in San Diego, designed by Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects (MIAA). Jury comments: This design transforms the ordinary into something special. Image courtesy of MIAA.

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