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Houston Award Winners Sway in the Gulf Coast Breeze

Warm, coastal, and humid, the Gulf Coast inspires architecture made for lounging, just out of reach of the sun. And hence, the timeless vernacular of Gulf Coast houses--shade porches, broad roof overhangs, and shotgun-style bungalow gables--all creating cool, breezy indoor/outdoor space and gaining plaudits in AIA Houston’s latest design awards.


Residential Award:

Fisher Street Residence in Houston, designed by Donna Kacmar, FAIA. Jury comments: Very homey, with a good, strong sense of adventure.  Great use of materials. Image courtesy of Luis Ayala, Donna Kacmar, and Julie Pizzo.

Residential Award:

Gulf Coast Farmhouse in Santa Fe, Texas, designed by m + a architecture studio. Jury comments: This shows that architecture built on a tight budget can still be interesting and inventive. Image courtesy of Mark Schatz.

Residential Award:

Robinhood Residence in Houston, designed by Murphy Mears Architects. Jury comments: Though it doesn't do anything new, we aren't sure that houses need to do anything new.  A beautifully restrained contemporary house that still fits into its surroundings. Image courtesy of Kyle Humphries.

Architecture Greater Than 50,000-Sqaure-Feet Award:

Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, designed by Gensler. Jury comments: A very interesting project that completely transforms an urban setting.  The parts are cohesive, yet different, and form a nice dialogue. Image courtesy of Prakash Patel.

Architecture Greater Than 50,000-Square-Feet Award:

The University of Houston Arbor Building Addition and Renovation in Clearlake, Texas, designed by SHW Group. Jury comments: A very interesting box that is far more than just a box.  It shows great restraint, and everything works from the landscaping to the carpet. Image courtesy of Luis Ayala.

Architecture Less Than 50,000-Square-Feet Award:

 San Jacinto College North Campus Welcome Center in Houston, designed by Morris Architects. Jury comments: The jurors loved seeing a sophisticated brick building, and deemed it "Aalto-esque." Image courtesy of Hester + Hardaway.

Architecture Less Than 50,000-Square-Feet Award:

 Downtown Houston Childcare in Houston, designed by Kirksley Architecture. Jury comments: The jurors liked the simple straight forward plan that was not dumbed down into kid clichés.  The interiors are engaging and sophisticated. Image courtesy of Shau Lin Hon.

Renovation and Restoration Award:

Galveston Residence in Galveston, Texas, designed by kinneymorrow architecture. Jury comments: A gorgeous, yet radical transformation.  [We] liked the use of painted boards rather than the usual drywall. Image courtesy of Luis Ayala.

Renovation and Restoration Award:

The Hive Lakeside Retreat in Lago Vista, Texas, designed by Lantz Full Circle. Jury comments: A lot of fun.  The sense of a 60s house is carried forward in a really nice way. Image courtesy of Hester + Hardaway Photographers.

Renovation and Restoration Award:

500 Fannin in Houston, designed by Ziegler Cooper Architects. Jury comments: The jury liked that they kept the interesting parts of the original building intact and enhanced them.  The interior space is very well done. Image courtesy of John Lindy.

Renovation and Restoration Award:

Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, designed by WORK Architecture Company. Jury comments: This addition adds a ton of bang for the buck, and adds whimsy to a very sober building.  The jurors particularly liked how one material was used to clarify the program. Image courtesy of Iwan Baan.

Interiors Award:

Johnson Downie in Houston, designed by Rottet Studio. Jury comments: A very clear, coherent and beautiful interior. Image courtesy of Don Glentzer.

Interiors Award:

The Baylor College of Medicine National Space Biomedical Research Institute in Houston, designed by Kirksey Architecture. Jury comments: The designers did a great job of conveying the idea without devolving into caricature. Fun and sophisticated at the same time. Image courtesy of Joe Aker.

Unbuilt on the Boards Award:

One-Forty in Houston, designed by Perkins+Will. Jury comments: This is a big gesture in a marginal neighborhood.  A very interesting concept. Image courtesy of Perkins + Will.

Unbuilt on the Boards Award: WorkSHOP:

New Campus for Workshop Houston in Houston, designed by Rice Building Workshop. Jury comments: The jurors were surprised to find out that the designers were all students. These are modern examples of Texas vernacular buildings, and work beautifully in an urban setting.  Image courtesy of Rice Building Workshop.

Unbuilt on the Boards Award:

The Willowick Renovation in Houston, designed by Murphy Mears Architects. Jury comments: A good house to begin with and a very sympathetic renovation.  A win all around. Image courtesy of Murphy Mears Architects.

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