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AIA Risk Management Committee Resource Center

The Risk Management Committee is made up of six members appointed by the President of the AIA. The Committee's endeavors to make risk management strategies available to AIA members so that they may control the risks inherent in their practice while reducing insurance and associated costs. The Committee invites you to browse this page and take away information that may help you manage your own risks. Do you have questions or suggestions? If so, please contact Terrence Canela, 202-626-7375.

The following is a list of links to articles or others pages that can shed light on various topics on managing risk in the architectural profession:

Back to Basics

Risk Management Basics
This article outlines strategies and gives advice about establishing a claim-response plan, before anything goes wrong.

The Importance of Risk Management
What you need to know and why you need to know it about risk management in today’s practice.

Risk Management Overview
Architects must be able to identify risks and determine who is in the best position to handle them. This overview defines risks facing architectural firms, suggests steps for planning and outlines considerations for effective risk management.

Mastering Risk Management
From preventive measures to positive actions, these fundamentals should help establish the basics of a viable risk-management program in today's litigious jungle.

Independent Contractor: Yes or No? [pdf, 16K]
Would the IRS consider your consultants to be independent? You'd better know now

Professional Liability Insurance

Some Tips on Minimizing Your Insurance Premium
As PLI insurance becomes harder and more expensive to secure, there are steps you can take now to help hold down costs associated with renewing your professional liability insurance.

Why Are Our Professional Liability Insurance Premiums Going Up?
What does the hardening of the professional liability insurance market mean for architects?

How to Select a Professional Liability Broker
Care you take in selecting your carrier today can reap invaluable benefits later.

2008 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers
Compiled annually by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the AIA, the AIA Trust, and the Professional Engineers in Private Practice of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE/PEPP), this survey is an overview of the leading companies that offer professional liability insurance. For more information about various insurance carriers and the benefits they could offer to you, please contact the AIA Trust.

A Loss Cause
This article will examine errors and omissions in construction documents and the belief by many that the design professional is always and solely responsible. This overview is intended to enable a better understanding of the naturally occurring discrepancies that are considered by many to be avoidable errors and omissions.

Details and Design

Design Risk in Design/Build
Design/build projects are commonplace these days. If you get involved in one, here are some precautions.

Gimme Shelter: Resisting Water Penetration

Your Grandfather's Working Drawings

Contemporary Issues

Liability Reform Issues Gain Traction in South Carolina, Ohio

The Speed of Life
This article reviews the significant changes in the practice of architecture over the past generation and the impact of those changes on our personal and professional lives.

General Information

The following are a collection of articles from AIArchitect that you might find useful in your practice.

Who Are You?
Ch-Ch-Changes ... Managing Risk in the Change Process

Absolute or Absolution: Observations, Inspections, and the Contractor's Warranty

Visible Means: Site Visits and Construction Observation

According to Hoyle: The Submittal Process

Freefall: Working Without a Contract

Little Boxes: The Challenges of Producing Original Design

Substantial Completion, Where Art Thou?

Lemons to Lemonade: Benefiting from Mistakes I

Lemons to Lemonade: Benefiting from Mistakes II
Master and Commander: The Architect's Authority I

Master and Commander: The Architect's Authority II

Zen and the Art of Risk Management I

Zen and the Art of Risk Management II
Drawing the Line

Project Manager or Risk Manager?

Another Fine Mess: The Onerous Contract, Part I

Another Fine Mess: The Onerous Contract, Part II

Smoke, Mirrors, and Snake Oil: Risks in Marketing

To Document, or Not to Document

The How and Why of Alternative Dispute Resolution: What It Means to the Architect and the Owner

Outside Resources

The AIA Trust
The AIA Trust, governed by AIA members, offers a wide variety of insurance programs to AIA members to help them manage their risks and protect their firms. For information about all their programs, visit the AIA Trust Web site.


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