Steven G. Shapiro, Hon. AIA

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Steven G. Shapiro, Hon. AIA | Notes of Interest

Steven has been a strong advocate for architects and quality architecture in the continually evolving project execution process. As a manager in one of the nation’s leading construction companies, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, and as an educator at the University Of Maryland School of Architecture, as a prolific writer, and as expert in the construction process, Steven’s positive influence has been and will continue to be of great value to architects and the Institute. Steven’s background in the law, engineering, and construction management has provided him a remarkable and holistic perspective on design and construction. As an example, Steven became the first attorney to earn LEED Accredited Professional credentials in 2003. Steven has also been extremely involved with the AIA on many efforts regarding professional practice, contracting, and leadership.

He has been an active voice as an editor of the “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice”, a regular contributor to “AIArchitect” and a speaker and author of papers and presentations on topics as varied as “Historic Preservation in Washington, DC” and numerous presentations on the Architect’s Role in Project Delivery. Steven has helped to reshape the practice in project delivery and has proven a valuable resource. He has written white papers incorporated into the Knowledge Community’s 2010 Journal and has participated in each year’s annual webinars. He has contributed to change by challenging the design community to think outside of the box. His writings and editing have fostered new forums and created lively debates, all focused on impacting and changing the interaction of the construction team members.

His personal knowledge, experience and expertise of the law, civil engineering, and green building combines to give him extraordinary insight into the roles of the architect and the builder. Through his extraordinary gift in bringing people of many disciplines to one table, Steven has advanced the relationship between design and construction, encouraging curiosity, dialogue, improvement, and imagination of the professions. He pushes the envelope for all who know him, and he helps many learn not only from him, but from each other. Steven’s refusal to honor the time-honored divide between the architectural and construction world is a model for us all. His respect for all work makes him a well-needed guide and leader towards good.

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Steven G. Shapiro, Hon. AIA

  • Location: Chevy Chase, Maryland

Jury Comments

In a remarkable mid-career change, he went from the law firm to the construction trailer and quickly understood the roles of design and construction, traditionally divided in practice, were in fact closely linked. The time to ignore the differences, in his mind, had ended and he set about, with great vision and energy, to expand the dialogue.

He is a champion for quality and processes that lead to quality in design and construction.

2012 AIA Honorary Membership Jury

  • Pamela Touschner, FAIA,Chair
  • DLR Group WWCOT
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Christopher Kelley, AIA
  • Gensler
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Carol Pedigo, Hon. AIA
  • AIA Middle Tennessee
  • Nashville

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