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Stephen Sharpe, Hon. AIA | Notes of Interest

For more than 11 years as the Editor of Texas Architect, Stephen Sharpe has raised awareness of the architecture profession as practiced in Texas and beyond its borders. Through his leadership, the profession benefits from a magazine written intelligently but without jargon and edited to be accessible to a wide range of readers. As a result, the public has a greater understanding of architecture and a wider appreciation for the work architects provide to their communities.

In addition to his position at the helm of Texas Architect, Stephen also writes about the state’s built environment for national publications (Architectural Record, Architect, Eco-Structure) and crafts scripts for The Shape of Texas, a radio program co-produced by TSA and broadcast by more than a dozen public radio stations across the state. That further benefits the profession through a wider distribution of knowledge about significant projects and events that can have far-reaching influence on practitioners and the general public. Stephen also is frequently invited to share his knowledge of the state’s built environment as an informed representative of the profession. Among his presentations are “The 25 Best Places in Texas,” “The Evolution of Texas Architect,” and “Tips for Having Your Projects Published.” His audiences include service groups, non-AIA design professionals, students, and AIA chapters. With each speaking event, Stephen strives to dispel the various myths that sometimes negatively affect the profession and prejudice average people from realizing the positive effects that architecture has on many aspects of their lives.

Stephen Sharpe, Hon. AIA has made a significant impact upon our profession through his editorial leadership at Texas Architect. At a time when magazines are less relevant and closing, Stephen has made Texas Architect a must read, not only for its professional content, but for its design content. Through these efforts, Stephen’s dedication and commitment to the profession has expanded and enhanced public discourse on the built environment and the critical role architects play in our society.

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Stephen Sharpe, Hon. AIA

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Jury Comments

His greatest gift is the consistent duality of presentation - captivating both architect and non-architect in harmony. While the public may hold us in high regard, it is the very few voices like Stephen’s that give the non-architect a window into our process, our mind, and our soul. Our messages to the profession, policy makers, and the public are made more meaningful by his journalistic skill.

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