Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility

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Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility | Notes of Interest

The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility supports a 2,000-acre property used for agriculture, recreation, wildlife habitat, and conservation purposes. The facility has two main functions: hay and grain storage and farm equipment servicing and storage.

In concert with the client’s priorities for responsible stewardship of the farm property, the project explores possibilities for reinterpreting regional agricultural building typologies, applying LEED criteria within an agricultural context, implementing sustainable design approaches that are based on a nuanced understanding of local climate and landscape (in lieu of specialized/mechanized green systems and products), and reconsidering economy within conventional construction systems and prefabricated elements.

The various programmatic needs have been consolidated in two large barns and a relocated grain silo, and the structures are arranged to frame an outdoor work courtyard. The remainder of the project site is allocated to the circulation and access requirements of large-scale farm equipment.

The facility’s barn buildings take advantage of the economy of conventional kit-of-parts construction systems, utilizing prefabricated framing elements and materials. A “reductive” approach is implemented in the deliberate expression of material and constructional layering

Additional Credit

  • Electrical: Lichtefeld, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Lichtefeld, Inc.
  • Landscape Architect: Environs, Inc.
  • LEED Consultant: Sustainable Technical and Commissioning Services
  • Mechanical: Lichtefeld, Inc.
  • Structural: Steve Leonard Consulting Engineer, PLLC

Photo Credit

    © De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility

Jury Comments

We were taken by how this typology was architecturally rendered with very modest materials that were well crafted and thoughtfully considered throughout.

The simple, regionally inspired forms are transformed by their uniquely composed skins of weathered bamboo and commodity metal siding.

The buildings were carefully sited for functional requirements while creating a wonderful juxtaposition relative to each other and the surrounding landscape.

The project functions as a working farm facility and is also occasionally used for large group gatherings, bringing the local community together in a wonderful environment.

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2013 Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury

  • Mary Katherine Lanzillotta, FAIA (Chair)
  • Hartman-Cox Architects, Washington, DC
  • Brian Fitzsimmons, AIA
  • Fitzsimmons Architects, Oklahoma City
  • John Kane, FAIA
  • Architekton, Tempe, Arizona
  • William Leddy, FAIA
  • Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects, San Francisco
  • Philip Loheed, AIA
  • BTA Architects, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Robert Maschke, AIA
  • robert maschke ARCHITECTS inc., Cleveland
  • Douglas L. Milburn, Assoc. AIA
  • Isaksen Glerum Wachter LLC, Urbana, Illinois
  • Becky Joyce Yannes, AIAS Representative
  • Drexel University, Philadelphia

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