Jay A. Stephens, Hon. AIA

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Jay A. Stephens, Hon. AIA | Notes of Interest

Jay has given outstanding, selfless service as the AIA’s general counsel for more than 12 years. During that time, he has truly become an institution in his own right. With much greater ability, insight, and drive than could reasonably be expected of someone in his position—and reflective of his deep, abiding respect for architecture and for the Institute—he has guided and directed the AIA in areas that presented enormous challenges and even difficulty.

Few AIA matters are as challenging as those Jay must handle. He embraces these duties with vigor and seriousness but also with remarkable evenness of manner and aplomb. His solid instincts and skills allow him to prevail where others would falter. His judgment, coupled with his determination to make things work—even when the path is a minefield and the going is tough—is reflected in many Institute policies, practices, and programs. Jay has shown ways forward for the AIA and its components in matters that would otherwise have been stymied or hopelessly bogged down in conflict or confusion. Although he has been tested with very complicated, nuanced issues, he rises to every occasion with grace, compassion, and exceptional wisdom.

He is a strong ambassador for the AIA and what it stands for. His knowledge of the law, and in particular association governance, is unparalleled. He has represented the AIA with honor and integrity throughout the design industry as well as with allied organizations.

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Jay A. Stephens, Hon. AIA

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Jury Comments

Jay has dedicated himself to making things work through careful reasoning and thoughtful dialogue. He possesses an unwavering respect for the Institute and its members, guided by a singular ethical and moral compass. He is thoughtful, exacting, witty, gifted, steadfast, and compassionate.

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