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Dr. Richard Jackson, Hon. AIA | Notes of Interest

Dr. Jackson has become a leading voice for reinserting health considerations into decisions about urban, suburban, and transportation design programs, rallying mayors, planners, architects, and the public to reenvision communities that are good for people and the planet. Throughout his professional career, he has contributed to the knowledge base and public awareness of the power of design to affect public health. His four-part public television series, “Designing Healthy Communities,” has communicated this message to millions of viewers nationwide.

He has been an extraordinary advocate for the AIA and the architecture profession. As a public member of the AIA’s board of directors from 2005 to 2007, Jackson joined in the profession’s debates, brought new perspectives to its issues, and connected it with new partners. His work has established the link between the professions of architecture and medicine, backed up by abundant indisputable evidence to demonstrate how the quality of built environments correlates with well-being, and how environmental degradation and urban sprawl correlate with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. He argues for density, diversity, access to nature, and physical activity—especially walking—as inseparable public health criteria fundamental to our national economic and social integrity.

His continuous work to elevate public awareness of the importance of architecture and design to the quality of life and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle has led to many initiatives that have affected communities. Dr. Jackson has tirelessly broadcast these themes in ways that have shaped the architecture profession’s priorities and integrated the vocabularies of public health and architecture.

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Dr. Richard Jackson, Hon. AIA

  • Location: Los Angeles

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He is one of this country’s most inspiring, compassionate, deeply humane, and effective public health advocates—and a true agent of change. His work encourages architects and planners to help achieve a healthier population through design.

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