Katherine Darnstadt, AIA | 2013 Young Architects Award

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Katherine Darnstadt, AIA | Notes of Interest

A shining example of the next generation’s citizen-architect, Katherine has combined multiple facets of her career and is a mentor to aspiring women in architecture and design.

Katherine uses her practice, Latent Design, to make social, economic, and environmental impacts beyond the building. She wholeheartedly believes design is about engaging communities and solving design-driven needs while leveraging partners and assets to clients with resource and budget constraints.

She has charted a new course that seeks to define “architect” as more than the sum of an individual practitioner’s training and “project” as more than a physical structure that ends at the ground plane. Instead, she engages in a community-based, participatory design process that seeks to have a positive impact on communities with no preconceptions about the outcome. A vital aspect of her career is the way she has seamlessly integrated her volunteer work into her professional practice with a model that strikes a balance between for-profit and pro-bono work.

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Katherine Darnstadt, AIA

Jury Comments

She embraces her latitude as a practitioner to create solutions for clients that go beyond a building and include academic curricula, place-making strategies, and policy changes related to food access.

2013 AIA Young Architects Award Jury

  • Norman L. Koonce, FAIA, Chair
  • McLean, Virginia
  • Albert W. Rubeling FAIA
  • Rubeling & Associates, Inc., Towson, Maryland
  • Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA
  • HKS, Inc., Dallas
  • John Sorrenti, FAIA
  • JRS Architect, PC, Mineola, NY
  • William J. Stanley, III, FAIA
  • Stanley Love-Stanley, PC, Atlanta

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