2014 AIA Honorary Membership

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Walter J. Humann, Hon. AIA | Notes of Interest

Walter “Walt” Humann has had two simultaneously successful careers in Dallas: one in business, the other in public service. A wide range of contributions is, perhaps, to be expected of an MIT physics graduate who also holds a Harvard MBA and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. Whether at the helm of his own firm, WJH Corporation, or serving on corporate and non-profit boards, for more than 40 years Humann has spearheaded significant community projects in the areas of transportation, education, community and race relations, government reorganization, and urban planning, design and beautification.

More specifically, his advocacy resulted in the successful funding and construction of two significant transportation projects in Dallas: the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) System of light commuter rail, and the reconstruction of a federal highway (U.S. Highway 75, known locally as North Central Expressway). Humann is credited with having involved architects in the design of bridges, retaining walls, sign structures, lighting, and landscape associated with this eight-lane freeway running right through the heart of Dallas. The result: an award-winning architectural landmark.

More recently, Humann focused his energies on Jubilee, a low-income, high-crime neighborhood near Dallas’ Fair Park, where the State Fair of Texas is held. With Humann as chief advocate and driving force, the 62-block area has been transformed into a livable community with, among other things, a reported 60-percent drop in crime since 2007. The project involved public-safety, education, and health and wellness initiatives, as well as the construction of Head Start facilities, a community center, a resource center, a teen center, senior housing, and community gardens.

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Walter J. Humann, Hon. AIA

Location: Dallas

2014 AIA Honorary Membership Jury

  • Charles Schreckenberger, AIA, Chair
  • Braun & Steidl Architects Inc.
  • Akron
  • Torrey Stanley Carlton, Hon. AIA
  • AIA San Antonio
  • San Antonio
  • Eric R. Hoffman, AIA
  • Washington University in Saint Louis
  • St. Louis

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