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Park Passive | Notes of Interest

The home was designed for an active family of four who sought to significantly reduce its energy consumption to meet Passive House Certification. In addition, the homeowners emphasized an interest in a modern design that was not aesthetically “watered down”, secret storage spots for their activity gear, as well as intuitive spaces for their children to play that while remaining connected, kept toys out of the main living areas.

A programmatic goal of this project was to make the best use of every square foot of the small lot. By creating both vertical and horizontal spatial connections, the design maximizes the shallow floor plate.

This home’s ‘passive survivability’ lies in its ability to capture and retain heat. In the instance of a power outage during the winter, the indoor air temperature would remain steady significantly longer than a traditionally built house without the opening of doors and windows. The home is built to Passive House standards and certified as the city’s first Passive House by the Passive House Academy and authorized by the Passivhaus Institut, which sets international standards for the rigorous energy efficiency certification program. As a certified passive house, this home sets the standard for future building envelopes – as it is and not something that needs to be improved upon as is the case with other standards.

The homeowners sought to design and build a home that could be shared with the broader community through open house events, media tours and coverage, and neighborhood invitations. This home celebrates affordability through conservation and a reduction in monthly utility bills. It serves as a showcase that living in an energy efficient home is comfortable too.

Additional Credits

  • Passive House Consultant: Harrison Architects, Hammer and Hand
  • Builder: Cascade Built
  • Landscape Architect: Allworth Design
  • Interior Designer: Donna Bergeron Interior Design
  • Photo Credit: © Aaron Leitz Photography

Park Passive

Category: One and Two Family Custom Residences

Jury Comments

Well done. Simple, not over the top, and pushing energy reduction into marketplace. A good neighbor.

Nice design solution. Passive House is no easy feat.

Total common sense sustainability inside and out makes this the first Certified Passive house in Seattle.

2014 Housing Awards Jury

  • Nancy Ludwig, FAIA, Chair
  • ICON architecture, inc.
  • Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • David Barista
  • Building Design+Construction
  • Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • Louise Braverman, FAIA
  • Louise Braverman Architect
  • New York City
  • Jean Rehkamp Larson, AIA
  • Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.
  • Minneapolis

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