2014 Recipient | AIA Small Project Awards

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Redaction House | Notes of Interest

A compact home for a fiber artist and her young family, the Redaction House sits on a narrow lot on a small suburban lake, surrounded by prosaic spec homes crowding the shoreline.

The building occupies a suburban infill site widely considered too small and too confined to accommodate a house for a family of five and provide acceptable levels of privacy and views.

A series of spatial voids within the building volume organize the program, starting with a linear entry courtyard along a brick wall whose decreasing perforation begins the process of visual redaction and leads to the transparent front door. Inside, floor-to-ceiling apertures alternate with solid walls, taking advantage of sightlines that are desirable and screen those that are not. The rooms are grouped around a two-story living hall, where the apertures are stacked vertically to frame views of the sky and the bluff’s deciduous foliage.

The distribution of the program and the placement of windows allows for a high degree of privacy despite the close proximity of surrounding homes while taking advantage of the undisturbed views that the site offers.

Additional Credits

  • Photo Credit: © Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Redaction House

  • Architect: Sebastian Schmaling, AIA
  • Firm: Johnsen Schmaling Architects
  • Location: Delafield, Wisconsin

Jury Comments

A beautiful example of how a strong, clear idea can produce a strong, clear space that resonates. Simply put, a house that has got its act together. A house that fits into its context without mimicking the architecture in its surroundings, while offering an exciting spatial proposition for lakeside living. The home’s careful consideration of materials and details adds up to something much greater than its constituent parts.

2014 AIA Small Project Awards Jury

  • Linda Reeder, AIA, Chair
  • Linda Reeder Architecture
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • Deb Silber
  • Fine Homebuilding Magazine
  • Newtown, Connecticut
  • Rene Gonzalez, AIA
  • Rene Gonzalez Architect
  • Miami, Florida
  • Lisa Tilder, AIA
  • Ohio State University
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Craig Scott, AIA
  • IwamotoScott Architecture
  • San Francisco, California

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