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Chapter 05 Marketing, Business Development, and Outreach

05.01 Marketing Strategy and Planning

05.01.01 Evaluating Prospective Clients

05.01.02 Retaining Clients When the Rainmaker Leaves

05.01.03 Measuring Your Marketing ROI

05.01.04 Focus Groups as a Marketing Tool

05.01.05 Commonsense Marketing

05.01.06 Ten Essential Steps of Marketing Planning

05.01.07 Make the Most of Your Marketing Material

05.01.08 Marketing That Sets Your Firm Apart

05.01.09 Web Site Design for Architecture Firms

05.01.10 When is the Best Time to Conduct Business Development Training?

05.01.11 Maximizing Your Marketing & Business Development ROI

05.02 Seeking the Project

05.02.01 The Go/No-Go Decision: From a Risk Management Perspective

05.02.02 Ten Things You Should Know About Potential Clients

05.02.03 The Reality Check: Project Evaluation Criteria

05.02.04 Market Your Strengths, But Don't Oversell

05.02.05 Marketing Design-Build Services

05.02.06 Marketing Intelligence: Know Your Clients

05.02.07 Marketing Intelligence

05.02.08 Finding Leads

05.03 Proposal Development

05.03.01 Developing Winning Proposals: A Preproposal Checklist

05.03.02 Developing Winning Proposals: A Résumé Preparation Checklist

05.03.03 Developing Winning Proposals: The Final Check

05.03.04 Measuring Writing Quality

05.03.05 Thank You for Submitting

05.04 The Project Interview

05.04.01 The Client Interview: A Sample Questionnaire

05.04.02 Effective Marketing Presentations from a Client Point of View

05.05 Public Relations

05.05.01 How to Develop a Book Proposal

05.05.02 Maintaining Editorial Quality Control of Marketing Messages

05.05.03 Construction Signs as a Marketing Tool

05.05.04 Getting Good Press

05.05.05 Public Relations for Residential Architects

05.05.06 Make Your Project Photos Sing

05.05.07 Managing Crisis Communications


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