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Chapter 11 Project Services

11.01 Pre-Design Services

11.02 Design Phases

11.02.01 Defining the Architect's Basic Services

11.02.02 Quality Control: A Working Drawings Preparation Checklist

11.02.03 Organizing Construction Documents

11.02.04 Terminology: As-built Drawings, Record Drawings, Measured Drawings

11.02.05 Quality Control: A Specifications Preparation Checklist

11.02.06 Selection Criteria for Wood Flooring

11.02.07 The Asbestos Advisor: A Compliance Assistance Tool

11.03 Bidding / Negotiation Phase

11.04 Construction Contract Administration

11.04.01 Quality Control: A Construction Contract Administration Checklist

11.04.02 Administering Changes and Change Orders

11.04.03 Certifying As-Built or Record Drawings

11.04.04 A Sample Preconstruction Conference Agenda

11.04.05 The RFI's Role in the Construction Process

11.04.06 Effective Methods of Site Safety

11.04.07 Navigating Change Orders

11.04.08 The Proposed Change Order Process

11.04.09 Understanding Fixed Limit of Construction Cost

11.05 Project Closeouts and Post-Construction

11.05.01 Green Building Post-Occupancy Evaluations: Learning from Experience

11.05.02 Aronoff Center for Design and Art – University Of Cincinnati

11.06 Building Design

11.06.01 Mold: A Design Checklist

11.06.02 Ten Key Factors That Affect Any Design

11.06.03 Safety Considerations in the Design of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Design

11.06.04 Ventilation for Durability in Residential Design

11.06.05 Six Approaches to Building Your Dream House

11.06.06 Eight Pillars of Traditional Design

11.06.07 Residential Walk-Through Consultation Services

11.06.08 Core Qualities That Make a Great American Home

11.06.09 Six Elements of Educational Facility Design

11.06.10 Home Electronics: A Collaborative Effort

11.06.11 Lactation Room Design

11.06.12 The Courthouse Entrance: Collision of Function and Symbol

11.07 Building Technology

11.07.01 Planning for Concealed Site Conditions

11.07.02 Advantages of Raised-Floor Foundations in Floodplains

11.08 Non-Traditional Services

11.08.04 Expert Witness Services

11.08.05 Facility Management: Operational Security Factors

11.08.06 Facility Management: Building Security Access Control Measures

11.08.07 Program Management: Strategies to Increase Efficiency

11.08.08 Essentials of Move Management Services

11.08.09 Asset Management: Tenant Retention Through Strategic Renovation

11.08.10 Measuring Floor Area for Commercial Leases

11.08.11 Construction Management for Small Practitioners

11.08.12 Why Offer CM Services?

11.08.13 Wayfinding Signage Points You in The Right Direction

11.08.14 Marketing Historic Buildings for TV and Film

11.08.15 Saving Historic Lighthouses by Changing Ownership

11.08.16 Enhancing Historic Preservation Through Life-Cycle Cost Assessment

11.08.17 Integrating Sustainability and Historic Preservation

11.09 Urban Planning and Design

11.09.01 The Urban Design Process: Creating and Achieving a Vision

11.09.02 The AIA's 10 Principles of Livable Communities

11.09.03 Ten Principles of Community Partnering

11.09.04 Older and Wiser: Creating Communities for Life

11.09.05 Elements of Disaster Resilience

11.09.06 Lessons Learned: Urban Planning in New Orleans

11.10 Consultant-Related Services

11.10.01 Understanding Human Behavior Leads to Safer Environments

11.10.02 Specifying Building Products for Building Security

11.10.03 Building Security from a Client Point of View

11.10.04 Building Security: Basic Design Elements

11.10.05 Vulnerability Analysis and Security Assessment

11.10.06 Building Security Design Considerations: The Effects of Bomb Blasts

11.10.07 Building Security: Basic Design Strategies

11.10.08 Designing Security into Parking Facilities

11.11 Commissioning

11.11.01 Building Commissioning and Maintenance

11.11.02 Building Commissioning: Analyzing Costs and Benefits

11.11.03 The Building Commissioning Provider

11.11.04 Building Enclosure Commissioning: An Introduction

11.11.05 Architects Leading the Commissioning Process in New Construction


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