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Chapter 07 Human Resources

07.01 Human Resources Management

07.01.01 A Sample Compressed Workweek Program

07.01.02 Personal Use of Documents: A Sample Firm Policy

07.01.03 Maintaining Personnel Files

07.01.04 Employees in the Armed Forces

07.01.05 Telecommuting Considerations

07.01.06 Sample Philanthropic Leave Policy

07.02 Recruiting and Hiring

07.02.01 Sample Interview Questions

07.02.02 Basic Elements of New Employee Orientation

07.02.03 How the Talent Strain Affects Architecture Firms

07.03 Developing and Using Job Descriptions

07.03.01 Definition of Architect Positions

07.04 Staff Compensation and Benefits

07.04.01 Employee Wage Status: Exempt or Non Exempt

07.04.02 Employment Status: Independent Contractor—Yes or No?

07.04.03 Long-term Care Insurance

07.05 Staff Development and Retention

07.05.01 Five Factors of Employee Satisfaction

07.05.02 Develop a Talent Retention Plan

07.05.03 Three Methods of Knowledge Transfer

07.05.04 Types of Training Programs

07.05.05 Site Visits: Seeing is Believing and Learning

07.05.06 Providing EPC Seminars in Your Firm

07.05.07 The Basics of a Professional Development Program

07.05.08 Sample Performance Evaluation Forms

07.05.09 The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice as a Training Guide

07.05.10 Development of an In-House University

07.05.11 Continuing Education at Francis Cauffman Architects

07.05.12 Understanding Work Preferences of Emerging Professionals

07.06 Developing Leadership Skills

07.06.01 Why Put Off ‘Till Tomorrow What Someone Else Can Do Today?

07.06.02 Overcoming Leadership Blindspots

07.06.03 Leadership in Practice

07.06.04 NBBJ: Success in Leadership Development

07.06.05 Lack of Accountability Erodes Leadership Credibility

07.07 Resignation, Termination, and Staff Reduction

07.07.01 It's Pruning Time: The Benefits of Downsizing

07.07.02 A Sample Exit Interview

07.07.03 Employee Relocation: Sample Reimbursement Agreement

07.07.04 Giving Personal References


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