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Chapter 04 Firm Development

04.01 Starting an Architectural Firm

04.01.01 Starting a Firm: Essential Resources

04.01.02 Starting a Firm: Lessons from Failure

04.01.03 Seven Tips for Emerging Firms

04.01.04 New Firms Grow with a Marketing Plan

04.01.05 Practice Made Simple

04.01.06 Considering Your Own Firm?

04.01.07 Comments from Recent Startups

04.01.08 Business Plans: The Executive Summary

04.02 Firm Legal & Organizational Structure

04.02.01 Multi-state Practice: Certificates of Authority

04.02.02 Legal Structure of Architecture Firms

04.02.03 Understanding Organizational Structure

04.03 Strategic Planning for the Design Firm

04.03.01 Business Planning for Small Firms

04.03.02 The Rationale For Strategic Planning

04.03.03 The Strategic Planning Process

04.03.04 The ABCs of Mergers and Acquisitions

04.04 Firm Identity & Expertise

04.04.01 Seven Attributes of Design-first Firms

04.05 Firm Identity & Expertise

04.05.01 Organizational Peer Review

04.06 Strategic Alliances

04.06.01 Forming Strategic Alliances

04.06.02 Strategic Alliances: Insurance Considerations

04.06.03 Interorganizational Alliances: The Power of Long-Term Collaboration

04.06.04 Adding Value in Today's Business Environment

04.07 Ownership Transition

04.07.01 Essential Elements of Ownership Transition

04.07.02 Ownership Transition: Establishing a Rabbi Trust

04.07.03 Ownership Transition: A Case Study

04.07.04 Ownership Transition: Key Points to Ponder

04.07.05 Ownership Transition Guidelines

04.07.08 Twenty Ownership Transition Planning Mistakes

04.07.09 Firm Valuation Resources

04.07.10 How Much Is Your Firm Really Worth?

04.07.11 What Drives Value in a Design Firm?

04.08 Leadership Succession Planning


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