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Chapter 22 The AIA: Local Components

22.01 Communications

22.01.01 Public Affairs and Communications: Making a Difference as an Individual in Your Component

22.01.02 Web Site Updating: A Communications Initiative

22.01.03 Steps to Creating Successful Newsletters

22.01.04 Communicating with Members Through Component Web Sites

22.01.05 Forming a New Publication: Chicago Architect

22.02 Continuing Education

22.02.01 AIA Houston Launches Regional Green Building Conference

22.02.02 ARE Success Teams

22.02.03 Integrated Project Delivery Initiatives in California

22.02.04 Keeping Interns on the Path to Licensure: Successful ARE Programs

22.03 Government Affairs

22.03.01 Reforming Denver's Development Review Process

22.03.02 Making the Most of an Election Year

22.03.03 Intensive Government Relations Effort Saves School Building Program

22.03.04 Architects and Legislators

22.03.05 G. William Quatman, FAIA, Leveraging Education and Commitment to Advance the Profession

22.03.06 AIA Eastern Oklahoma: Alan Hewitt, AIA

22.03.07 AIA Indianapolis: Annual City Council Reception

22.04 Knowledge Communities

22.04.01 Starting and Running a Successful Local AIA IT Technology Committee

22.05 Membership

22.05.01 Membership Recruitment Strategies

22.05.02 Preparation for the Architect Registration Examination

22.05.03 A Model for Building Associate Membership

22.05.04 Increasing Membership by Focusing on the Firm

22.05.05 Component's AIA150 Goals Bring Record Success

22.05.06 Firm Visits Increase Membership at AIA Triangle

22.05.07 Reigniting Member Interest at AIA Inland California

22.05.08 AIA Kansas City: “Cityscape” Membership Recruitment Campaign

22.06 Meetings and Events

22.06.01 Convention 2000: Host Component Publicity Initiative

22.06.02 AIA Kansas City: River Crown Plaza Forum Series

22.06.03 AIA San Francisco Celebrates Architecture

22.06.04 The Pillars Leadership Program of AIA KC

22.06.05 A Partnership for Architectural Awareness in Columbia, SC

22.06.06 Academy of Architecture For Health: Advancing the Profession

22.06.07 Partnering to Inform Design Administrators

22.06.08 AIA NY Responds to Economic Downturn

22.06.09 AIA Rhode Island Finds a Home

22.07 Public Relations

22.07.01 Destination Detroit: Advancing Architects' Viewpoints in Business Media

22.07.02 Media Training for Elected AIA Component Leaders

22.07.03 How to Gain Publicity and Architectural Awareness

22.07.04 The Daily Reporter: Partnering With Your Local Business Newspaper

22.07.05 Creating an Effective Component Communications and Public Affairs Program

22.07.06 Architecture DC Magazine: Producing a Popular Resource

22.07.07 Involving Member Firms in Component Advertising

22.07.08 AIA Houston Reacts to Hurricane Ike

22.08 Public Service and Community Involvement

22.08.01 Architectural Awareness Program for Junior High Students

22.08.02 Community Leadership in Urban Design

22.08.03 Design Competitions as a Catalyst for Community Action

22.08.04 Kids in Architecture: A Grade 5 Curriculum

22.08.05 New York New Visions: A Model for Inclusive Community Planning

22.08.06 The Pennsylvania Bridge Project: Balancing the Public Interests of Aesthetics and Safety

22.08.07 Architecture: It's Elementary! A K-5 Curriculum

22.08.08 Freedom by Design: Promoting Design Solutions for the Disabled

22.08.09 Architects Design Rebirth of a Community

22.08.10 Architectural Design Competition for High School Students

22.08.11 Revitalizing St. Louis: The Washington Avenue Windows Project

22.08.12 Architects Lead Community Efforts to Recover from a Forest Fire

22.08.13 Plan Savannah 2000: Reaching Out with an Unstaffed Component

22.08.14 Working Through Mergers and Collaboration: AIA Columbus Merges Two Committees

22.08.15 Celebrating Architecture, Educating the Public

22.08.16 AIA Omaha Presents Natural Capitalism, Fueling the Next Industrial Revolution

22.08.17 AIA New York Helps Overhaul New York City Building Code

22.08.18 Kansas City Architects Promote Local Artists

22.08.19 Introducing High School Students to Architecture

22.08.20 Celebrating Architecture through Film

22.08.21 AIA GE Forms Cycling Team

22.08.22 Summer Time, AIA Miami Sponsors Summer Camp

22.08.23 Boxcar Architects

22.08.24 Preparing Architects for Leadership Roles

22.09 Sponsorship Development

22.10 Volunteer Management

22.10.01 Hidden Gold: Retired Members Make Valuable Volunteers


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