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Best Practices

What Are the AIA Best Practices?

AIA Best Practices represent the collective wisdom of AIA members and related professionals. As a group, they are:

  • A compendium of relevant knowledge gained from experience
  • Immediately applicable to a task at hand
  • Distilled to their essentials
  • Usable information
  • Linked to related resources
  • Kept relevant and up-to-date by inviting feedback from practicing professionals 

What Knowledge Is Included?

The scope of knowledge and information that can be included in AIA Best Practices is unlimited. The collective knowledge of AIA and allied members is a realm that is constantly expanding.

Part 1 – The Profession

Chapter 1: Professional Life

Chapter 2: Legal Dimensions of Practice

Chapter 3: Professional Development

Part 2 – The Firm

Chapter 4: Firm Development

Chapter 5: Marketing, Business Development, and Outreach

Chapter 6: Client Relations

Chapter 7: Human Resources

Chapter 8: Accounting & Finance

Chapter 9: Risk Management

Chapter 10: Firm Operations


Part 3 – The Project

Chapter 11: Project Services

Chapter 12: Project Delivery

Chapter 13: Project Management

Chapter 14: Quality Management

Chapter 15: Building Codes and Regulations

Chapter 16: Sustainability

Part 4 – Contracts and Agreements

Chapter 17: Types of Agreements

Chapter 18: AIA Contract Documents

Sources include:

  • The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice
  • AIArchitect articles
  • Articles from Practice Management Digest and other eNewsletters of the AIA knowledge communities
  • Seminar materials
  • AIA continuing education and online learning programs
  • AIA convention workshop presentations
  • Case studies and articles sponsored by AIA knowledge communities

Knowledge for Your Professional Organization

Chapter 20: The AIA/The National Component
Chapter 21: The AIA/State Components
Chapter 22: The AIA/Local Components


Chapter 23: Resources for the Public
Addendum: International Professional Practice

How Can I Share My Knowledge?

What Is an AIA Best Practice and How Do I Submit One? [20.04.02; 2011]

Contributions to AIA Best Practices are welcome at any time and in any form. Completed articles are preferred, but ideas and knowledge are most important. If the topic is worthwhile, we will work with you to develop even the barest outline of an idea. Suggestions for topics are also welcome.

We strongly encourage submissions by practicing professionals, allied professionals, strategic partners, and industry consultants. To encourage contributions, there are no submission forms and no submission deadlines. The only criteria are that articles consist of knowledge gained from experience, immediately applicable to a task at hand.

If you have developed a practice you would like to share with your colleagues or have encountered a situation in which the knowledge of others would be of value to you, write to us at

Best Practices – retired (as of 2011, archived for reference)


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