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AIA RIBA CE/CPD Cooperation Agreement FAQ Sheet…and what it means for you.

The AIA and RIBA have agreed to establish a formal relationship to support the professional growth and development of their respective members, which has resulted in a cooperation agreement around CE/CPD and provider status within each organization’s provider networks.

In the cooperation agreement, the AIA and RIBA agree to:

    - A mutual exchange of continuing education provider status.

    - To recognize as providers the national and chapter programs of the AIA and RIBA. Note: this recognition does not include manufacturers or other third party allied organizations In other words, education programmes from CES Providers and RIBA CPD Providers Network subscribers will not be included in this agreement.

    - Approved programs may be offered face-to-face or as distance or online education and the courses can be provided globally.

    - RIBA chapter and national programs must be submitted and follow the AIA’s standard CE review process in order to qualify for AIA Continuing Education (“AIA CE”) credit.

    - RIBA and AIA national agree to list one another’s approved events in each organization’s course directory.

What does this mean for you?

RIBA Members, AIA Members, RIBA and AIA Members:

The cooperation agreement between RIBA and AIA above all else will support our members in the areas of professional growth and development and fulfilling CPD and/or CE requirements. Individuals who are members of both AIA and RIBA can now find more education programs to count towards both sets of requirements. But take note: you do not have to be a member of both RIBA and AIA to reap the benefits – RIBA and/or AIA members around the globe will now have access to more professional development opportunities and potentially more relevant education programs based on local needs. So if you are an AIA member in Singapore, you can take an AIA approved RIBA program (locally in person or online) to fulfill your AIA CE requirements, even if you do not have RIBA CPD obligations; likewise, if you are a RIBA member in Brazil, you can take advantage of AIA University’s online programs to fulfill your RIBA CPD requirements, even if you do not need AIA CE credit.

RIBA Chapters and AIA Components:

There are several benefits for RIBA chapters and AIA components under this agreement. First, the components and chapters are now RIBA and AIA providers and are not required to pay the annual provider fee (this is covered under the umbrella of the National level provider status). Therefore, the chapters and components have a broader audience to which they can market their programs. Increased cooperation between RIBA chapters and AIA components, and members in general, may also provide exposure and increase local membership, networking, and other opportunities for cooperation.


How to ensure your program is eligible for RIBA and AIA credit?

How to get listed in RIBA and AIA online course directories?

AIA components are now RIBA providers!

RIBA members may self-report credit for education programs your component offers.

AIA components may send select education programs to Joni Tyler to be listed in the RIBA course directory. Please cc Bruce Bland, AIA’s point of contact for the RIBA‘s approved CPD.

RIBA chapter and national programmes are now AIA providers!

Coordinate with RIBA National to submit the program to the AIA’s standard CE review process.

Once approved through the AIA CE process, the program will be automatically added to the AIA CE online course directory.

For RIBA approved CPD programs, please visit:

For AIA approved CE programs, please visit:

Please direct questions to:

Joni Tyler
Head of CPD

Bruce Bland
Director, Continuing Education Systems


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