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AIA Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design

Made possible by the generous sponsorship of STERIS Corporation.

In 1961 James J. Souder, AIA, had a vision of building a program that would encourage students in schools of architecture and young architects to develop and refine their interests in the design of hospitals. Souder, a partner in the hospital design firm of Kiff, Colean, Voss and Souder, was also a member of the AIA Committee on Hospital Architecture. He met with the president and other officers of the American Hospital Association (AHA) to explore the feasibility of having the two organizations cosponsor the concept. As an outgrowth of these initial discussions, it was later agreed that each organization would provide $3,000 to launch the new fellowship.

The program was modeled after the Mangus T. Hopper Fellowship Program at Yale University. The new program was identified as the AHA/AIA Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design, and it was agreed that the American Hospital Association would provide support staff for the program. It was further agreed that the fellows would be selected each year by a committee of AHA and AIA representatives on the basis of study and travel proposals submitted by young architects and graduate students in accredited U.S.-based architecture schools.

The initial goal was simply “to encourage young architects and students to enter the specialized field of hospital planning.” Later this goal was expanded to include the following objectives:

To increase architecture students' awareness of the special requirements and nature of healthcare facilities;

To attract talented young architects to this challenging area of professional practice;

To advance the knowledge of planning and design for healthcare environments.

During the past 44 years, 100 graduate fellows have been selected and awarded fellowships. Of those, 89 were awarded to students completing their academic work in architecture or a closely related field. Eleven were awarded to individuals who had already received professional degrees in architecture or who were associated with architecture firms or healthcare organizations.

Students representing more than 32 schools have received fellowships (for 10 of the fellowship recipients, their “University of Record” is unknown). Most of these recipients were postgraduate recipients and were working professionally at the time of submission.

Topics have varied widely over the years. Some have addressed technology, such as MRI, computerized diagnostics, or telemedicine. Others have dealt with planning subjects such as managing healthcare information, regulatory measures, design standards and feasibility studies in fire and life safety, cost containment in health facilities, and comparisons of the health systems of different nations. Topics as diverse as the future of healthcare delivery, building innovations, clinical programs, care for children, neonates, bioterrorism and housing for the aged have been included as well.

Although many individuals have been involved with the Fellowship program over the years, two individuals have had the greatest impact on the program:

James J. Souder, AIA, FAAHC (1911–1999), an architect and hospital consultant who spearheaded the establishment of the program under the AIA/AAH. The Souder Award, initiated in 1999, is now an annual award to honor the memory of Jim Souder. It is awarded to the Fellow who presents the best work done during his or her fellowship. The award consists of a check for $1,000 and a commemorative certificate. The fellowship committee believes this not only rewards the best work but that it also becomes an incentive to more applicants and for better research.

Arthur N. Tuttle Jr., AIA (1931–2003), a University of Oklahoma architecture professor. Through Tuttle’s committed leadership to the program over the years, the annual funding for the Fellowship grew from $1,500 to more than $27,000. Many past Fellowship recipients are forever indebted to his memory because of his gentle guidance and constant mentoring. In 2003 the fellowship was renamed the AIA Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design in his honor.


Faria Islam
University of Kansas, PhD candidate
“Staff Perception on ICU Design Features”

Shan Jiang
Clemson University, PhD candidate
“Encouraging Engagement with Therapeutic Landscapes: Using Transparent Spaces to Optimize Patient Stress Reduction in Urban Health Facilities”

Kirsten Staloch
Clemson University, Master of Science in Architecture + Health candidate
“Outreach and Medical Access in Isolated Communities: The Influence of the Built Environment”

Sharmin Kader
University of Kansas, PhD candidate
“Development of Professional Environmental Assessment Protocol (PEAP) for Hospice: A Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool”

Yilin Song
Texas A&M University, PhD candidate
“The Influence of Daylighting on the Behavior of Nurses and Families in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)”

Lance Keoki Kubiak
Texas A&M University, Master of Architecture candidate
“A Compact, Modular, and Cost Effective Prototype Facility for Treating PTSD and TBI Conditions in Post-Combat Veterans”

Lisa Marchi
Clemson University, Master of Architecture + Health candidate
“Designing For Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Optimized Live Work Play Environments”

Amy D. Kircher
Texas A&M University, MArch candidate
“An Urban Healthcare Model for Outpatient Care and Wellness”

Laura McDaniel Portney, MArch
Boston Architectural College
“Affective Design: Architecture as a Catalyst for Healing”

Heather Bachman
Clemson University
“Therapeutic by Design: Integrated Adult Day Health Services”

Eva Behringer
Clemson University
“The Daylight Imperative” (PDF); (issuu); (Clemson University manuscript)

Erin Peavey
Texas A&M University
“Designing for Interdisciplinary Communication & Collaboration on the Nursing Unit”

(article about 2010 recipients, AIArchitect, September 10, 2010)


Dyutima Jha
Texas A&M University, MArch candidate
“Design for the Latest Technology in Cancer Treatment: A Carbon Therapy Center”

Samira Pasha
Texas A&M University, PhD candidate
“Usability of Outdoor Spaces in Children’s Hospitals”

Lindsay Todd
Clemson University, MArch candidate
“A Semi-Private Revival: Is There a Place for Semi-Private Patient Room in American Hospitals”


no fellowship awarded


Zhipeng Lu
Texas A&M University, PhD candidate
“Walking for Healthy Living: Walkable Corridors in Assisted Living Facilities”

Ghada Mohamad, MArch
SUNY at Buffalo
“Women's Health Issues: Wellness Center for Baby Boomer Women”


Marie Oliver McFaddin
Clemson University, MArch candidate
"Orthopedic Interventional Facility Design That Provides Future Flexibility and Improved Patient Outcomes"

Jin Gyu Park
Texas A&M University, PhD candidate
"Environmental Color for Pediatric Patient Room Design"

David Ruthven
Clemson University, MArch candidate
"Responsive Digital Building Systems for 21st Century Healthcare"


Rodney Shane Boren
Texas A&M University
"Cherokee Nation Masterplan"

Min -Young Seo
Texas A&M University
"Culture and Eldercare"


Susana Andrade, Assoc. AIA
Hammel Green & Abrahamson Inc.
"Planning and Design Guidelines for Bariatric Healthcare Facilities"

Meldrena K. Chapin, Assoc. AIA
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Creating Innovative Places: Organizational and Architectural Case Studies of the Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care"

Heather Voorhaar
Clemson University
"Adaptable Architecture for Bioterrorism Response"


Diana Anderson
McGill University
"Montreal Hospital Center: An Emphasis on Patient Care with the Integration of Five Urban Healthcare Facilities"

Myo Boon Hur, Assoc. AIA
Texas A&M University
"Design of Rehabilitation Facilities for the Elderly"

Hilal Ozcan
Texas A&M University
"Healing Environments: A Holistic Approach to the Physical Setting to Social Interaction Function in Pediatric Intensive Care Units in the USA and Turkey"

Nirit Putievsky Pilosof
McGill University
"Planning for Change, Hospital Design Theories in Practice


Cynthia Barton
Yale University School of Architecture
"Design of Deployable Mental Health Counseling Units for Disaster Relief Organizations"

Karen Keddy
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Prithi P. Venkatram
Texas A&M University
"Designing for Alzheimer's Disease and Other Related Dementias"


Helen Darby Byce
Clemson University
"Living with Alzheimer's: An Inquiry into the Potential of Design to Improve the Quality of Life for Patients Suffering from Dementia"

Bhargav Goswami
Texas A&M University
"Design of Rehabilitiation Facilities as Components of Acute Care Hospitals"

Taylor D. Simpson
University of Washington
"Building Hope: Designing and Building Medical Facilities in Conditions of Limited Resources"


Meredith H. Hawkins
Texas Tech University
"The Design of a Planned Medical Community: MedVille, MedMall, MedOtel, MedEd"

Shae S. Hensley
Clemson University
"The Architecture of Imaging for Orthopedic Medicine"

Richard Lee Rucksdashel
Texas A&M University
"Issues and Trends in the Design of Cardiac Care Facilities in the 21st Century"


David O. DeLeon
Texas A&M University
"Issues and Trends in the Design of Pediatric Oncology Facilities in the 21st Century"

Katheryn B. Fricke, AIA
Clemson University
"Continuity in the Long Term Care Environment"

Noah M. Tolson
Clemson University
"Complete Healthcare in a Pediatric Cancer Facility"


Daniel Reid Beaver
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
"Community Health Centers: Charting the New Paradigm"

Jason L. Schroer, Assoc. AIA
Clemson University

Kristy Walvoord Franta
Texas A&M University
"Future Issues and Trends in the Design of Women's Healthcare Facilities"


Robert L. Burlett, AIA
Catholic University of America
"Aging in Place and Housing for Elderly Within the Community Fabric"

Carl D. Lintner, Assoc. AIA
Texas A&M University
"The Cancer Patient's Perspectives on Facilities Design"

Keith Diaz Moore
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Toward a Language of Assisted Living: Architectural Benchmarking and the Development of Architectural Patterns"


Marlene L. (Kitchen) Seitz, Assoc. AIA
Clemson University
"Telemedicine and Architecture: The Influence of the Telecommunications in Medicine on Healthcare Settings"

Brenda K. Byrd
Texas A&M University
"Children's Outpatient Care—A Comprehensive, Community Approach to Ambulatory Care for Children"

Alicen Hall Herrin
Texas A&M University
"Hospital Related Facilities for the Elderly: A Continuum of Care"


Chris Bormann
Clemson University
"20/20 Vision: Imaging Environments for the 21st Century; Evolutionary Architecture for Technology, Change and Humanity"

Paul J. Raisleger, AIA
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Maturation of Suburbia: Neighborhood Based Intergenerational Housing"

Dona R. Stroppel
University of Cincinnati
"Health Facilities Programming: A Process Analysis with the Focus on Communication Methods and Program"


Jill A. Bergman, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP
Clemson University
“Architectural Patterns of Family Centered Care: A Family Inn, Greenville, South Carolina

Marcus A. Budaus
Texas A&M University
"Issues and Trends in Designing Children's Health Facilities for the 21st Century"

Mark Thomsen, AIA
Taylor and Partners Inc.
"A Prototype PACE Center Design, Health Care Services for the Aging: A New Model"


William J. Brummett
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Residential Character in Housing for the Semi-Independent Elderly"

Debra D. Davis
University of Oregon
"Integrating Technology: Responsible Design for the Nurses' Station"

Migette Kaup, Assoc. AIA
Kansas State University
"Assessment of Indoor Environment Acceptability for Long-term Care Facilities"

Matthew Kennedy
University of Michigan
"Patient Centered Care—Integrating Ancillary and Support Services into Nursing Units, Trying to Fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole"


Dina G. Battisto
Clemson University
"Effects of Facility Design on Patient Care, Human Needs and Performance (in Nursing Homes)"

Kenneth R. Falcon
Texas A&M University
"Trends in Cancer Care as They Affect the Design of a Comprehensive Cancer Center"

Mark W. Vaughan
University of Houston
"Transitional Care: Definition and Design"


Samuel Alan Black, AIA
University of Houston
"Design and Cost Implications of Medical Education in an Intensive/Trauma Care Setting"

James K. Jepson
Clemson University
"A Study to Identify and Evaluate the Design of Nursing Units and to Develop a Model to Measure Nurse/Patient Interaction, Efficiency of Travel Costs and Economy of Construction"

William L. Schlein, AIA, LEED
Clemson University
"Humane Architecture for Healing"


James M. Corkill
University of Oklahoma
"A Health Care Facility for the Rural Community"

Alice Lerman, Assoc. AIA
University of Wisconsin
"Birth Environments: Emerging Trends and Implications for Design"

Richard A. Linden, AIA
University of Houston
"Planning and Designing Community Health Care Facilities for the Mentally Ill"


William Robert Barnhart
University of Kansas, Lawrence
"Videodocumentary: Communication in the Planning and Design Process"

John Allen Drake
Clemson University
"An Intergrenerational Day Care Facility"

Wade H. Mayberry, AIA
Cornell University
"An Investigation of the Process Employed by Hospital Facilities Planning Departments for the Design and Construction of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility"


Herbert J. Haimes Jr.
Clemson University
"A Postoperative Recuperation Care Center"

Celine Pinet
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"The Design of Social Spaces in Nursing Homes"


Mark S. Goeller, Assoc. AIA
Clemson University
"A High Rise Life Care Community in the Urban Setting as a Provider of Housing, Social, Medical and Nursing Facilities for the Elderly"

Jane Kinegal
University of British Columbia
"The Decentralized Healthcare Environment"


Jonathon A. Huddy
Clemson University
"The Freshman Class and Senior Class—An Intergenerational Link"

Dawn M. Loper
State University of New York, Buffalo
"Integration of State-of-the-Art Literature on the Relationship between Architectural Lighting and Health"


Margaret Calkins
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Relationship of the Physical Environment to Patterns of Social Interaction of Institutionalized Persons Afflicted with Alzheimer's and Other Dementia"

James N. Vandenberg, AIA
Texas A&M University
"The Future of Computerized Diagnostic Center"


Debra Phillips, AIA
Texas A&M University
"Design Concepts for Cost Containment in Health Facilities"

Molly M. Scanlon
Clemson University


Thomas H. Bast, AIA
Clemson University
"The Impact of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging on Health Care Facilities"

Bill Rostenberg, FAIA, FACHA
"Project Lifeline: A Proto-typical Examination of Free Standing Multi-functional Emergency Treatment and Health Care"


Deborah Allen Carey, Assoc. AIA
"Hospice: The Place of Dying America"


David A. Lopez, AIA
Texas A&M University
"Community Hospital, Kingwood, TX"

Sharon A. Stowater, Assoc. AIA
University of Illinois
"Hospital Planning: Issue Mapping Procedures"


R. Scott Boulton, AIA
Clemson University
"Determination of Feasible Responses When Considering Renovation or Replacement of an Existing Health Care Facility by Use of the Fire Safety Evaluation System"

Annett L. Valenta
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"The Hospital Admitting Department: A Design Guide"


Gregory T. Oltvedt, AIA
"Developing a Design Prototype for an Emergicare Center: A New Form of U.S. Heath Care Facility"

Leslie McCall Saunders
Clemson University
"A Comparative Analysis of Elements from the Health Care Delivery Systems of Selected Nations"


Douglas Bruce Eason, AIA
Clemson University
"Regulatory Measure as Generators of Architectural Alternatives"

Margaret Moore
"The Field Testing of Major Planning and Design Criteria and Development of Several Prototype Design Criteria for Critical Care Unit Planning and Design"


Dennis C. LaGatta, AIA
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Planning and Design Guidelines for Selected Hospital Departments"

Ray Pentecost III, Dr PH, AIA
"A Management Methodology for Health Information"


Jeffrey S. Mark, AIA
"The Development of User (Patient) Performance Requirements for a Community Health Center"

Andrew S. Mazurek, AIA
Columbia University
"Analysis of Obsolescence in Health Facilities: A Conceptual Framework"


Cleveland D. Moose, AIA
Clemson University
"Architectural Design Implications of Present and Evolving Patient Care Nursing Units"

Thomas H. Wilson, AIA
The University of Oklahoma
"Health Facility Planning and Design"


David A. Brown, AIA
Colorado University

Susan M. Christie
"A New Model: A Design Program for A Rural Health Center"


Jacek J. Cianciara
"Application of the A-System Model to Optimize Hospital Movement Systems"

Edward G. Stanislowski
Texas A&M University
"Waco General Hospital"


Thomas W. Gunn, AIA
Unversity of Michigan

Edwin W. Knowles Jr.
University of Florida


Michael A. Caggiano, AIA
University of Southern California
"The Rehabilitation Value of Landscaped Spaces in Extended Care Facilities"

James G. Easter Jr., Assoc. AIA
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
"The Comprehensive Approach to Health Facility Development: A Field Study of HCA Planning Design and Construction"


Robert E. Kelly, AIA
Texas A&M University

David S. White, AIA
Virginia Polytechnic Institute


Ernest J. Brinkley
Texas A&M University

Joel J. Jaffe, AIA
Columbia University


Robert M. Guinn, AIA
Columbia University


Charles E. Gathers

Terrence R. Gent
Texas A&M University


H. Robert Douglass, FAIA
University of Minnesota

George W. Phipps
Columbia University


Don A. Leon
Cornell University

Bertis C. Rasco, AIA, PS
Auburn University


Clyde H. Dorsett, AIA
Columbia University

James Falick, FAIA
Columbia University

Adam Karibian


Bruce Arneill, FAIA, FACHA
Yale University


Marc E. Goldstein
Yale University


Martin Krichner
Yale University


Avery C. Faulkner, FAIA
Yale University

John V. Sheoris, FAIA
Yale University


Warren A. Peterson
Yale University


William H. Metcalf, FAIA
Yale University

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The 2015 application deadline is now closed!

The application deadline is June 5, 2015.

2015-2016 Arthur N. Tuttle, Jr. Fellowship Application (PDF)
2015-2016 Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Fellowship Poster

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Auburn University

Boston Architectural College

The Catholic University of America

Clemson University

Colorado University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Kansas State University

McGill University

State University of New York, Buffalo

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

University of Oklahoma

University of British Columbia

University of Cincinnati

University of Florida

University of Houston

University of Illinois

University of Kansas, Lawrence

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of Southern California

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

University of Illinois

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Yale University

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AIA Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH)

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STERIS Involvement

In 1988 STERIS (AMSCO at the time) began financially supporting the AIA/Academy of Architecture for Health Fellowship and student design charrette programs. Since then STERIS has continued its support of the fellowship and the charrette programs annually. To date, it has donated more than $1 million to support the fellowship, the student design charrette, the DeBakey Award, and the Academy Journal.


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