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Style Guide and Instructions for Uploading to
By Kathleen Simpson

The AIA Knowledge Communities encourage all of their members to contribute articles, case studies, multimedia, etc. to the Architect’s Knowledge Resource. Once you upload content, use the live URL to share via Social Media channels. You can also submit the piece to a Knowledge Community for consideration in their newsletters and journals.


  • You are writing a feature article for the Internet, not a printed report or scholarly journal. Your readers are looking for a good read, something that will be short yet informative and useful as they think about the many issues involved in their daily work.
  • You may provide hyperlinks to additional information on the Internet, but be aware that link may not work in the future.
  • Strive for an informative, approachable style in your writing. Stay away from the passive voice.
  • Write or spell-out acronyms the first time you use them; ex. Committee on Design (COD). Not every reader will be familiar with some well-used acronyms and terms used among practicing architects.
  • Your article should be no more than 800 words. Your readers will not have time to wade through a long, complex article.
  • Your article should show an orderly development and coherent flow. As a rule, your conclusion should answer the reader’s question, “Why did the author want me to read this?”
  • For greater Web readability, please do not double space after full sentences.
  • Use bold subheads to break up long sections of text.
  • Studies show that readers scan the Web. Write your article concisely and use bulleted points for easier scanning.
  • Your article should include a short (30 words or fewer) biographical sketch of each author.

Content Layout Tips

  • Note the system recognizes bold, italics, hyperlinks, numbered and bullets lists. It does not recognize font size or font colors. The template defaults all content to right justification.

Image Layout Tips

  • Images and illustrations should always be paired with a photo credit and caption.
  • All images should be compressed for the web viewing and faster download: Select an image. In Microsoft Word, go to Picture Tools menu > Format tab > Compress Pictures. Large images may not appear unless compressed.

Meta – Data (Information about Your Content Use with Uploading to the AKR)

View the Step by Step Presentation for Uploading Content to the AKR for a screen by screen walk-through. After understanding the process, uploading content takes as little as two minutes.

  • Summary: Prepare a 120-word summary of the article. This will be uploaded with the article and can be used in the newsletter mailing.
  • Title: Use targeted yet creative title. Consider the 140-character limit for Twitter.
  • Format: Format is a way of defining what kind of knowledge you are sharing. A popular choice is Publications > Articles. You are welcome to make another selection as appropriate: Publications > Case Studies or Multimedia > Audio, etc. See the AKR Upload Content Form for a complete list of options.

Copyright Permission

When uploading content you will be asked to confirm that you have obtained copyright permission from the content owner. You may use this Copyright Permission Form to maintain your own records. Learn more about the AIA Website Terms of Use.

It is highly recommended to conclude an article with a short “About the Author” paragraph.


Once your article is uploaded, send the title, summary, and hyperlink to the Knowledge Community of interest at See a complete list of Knowledge Communities.


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