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Delayed construction funding means delayed economic recovery. The economy has brought development to a grinding halt in cities around the world, leaving partially completed skyscrapers and other buildings as open wounds in the urban landscape.

The Stalled Projects Database

AIA Launches Stalled Projects Database(Image Credit: Bryan Ranallo

The American Institute of Architects’ Stalled Projects Database is where architects, developers, and project owners can connect with investors and re-start projects that make solid economic sense but which have been stalled due to lack of financing. Find out how you can get involved. 

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Stalled Projects and Financing Problems

stalled project

The construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the U.S. economy, and as such benefits greatly from economic expansions and suffers greatly in economic downturns. AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker looks at how frozen credit is hampering a recovery.

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Start Your Engines

Start Your Engines (Image Credit: Michael Gibbs

Too many architects face unfinished business. In fact, almost two-thirds of architects have at least one stalled project on the books due to lack of financing, in spite of record-low interest rates, according to a May 2011 survey by the AIA. Fortunately, a new AIA initiative is under way to jump-start stalled projects.

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About the AIA's Stalled Projects Database

The AIA created this website to help architects and clients connect with investors able to move stalled projects forward. By clicking inside the 'Get Started Now' box to your right, business leaders can fill out a form and tell investors about their projects. By clicking in that same box, investors can tell project leaders about their firms and the types of investments they make. Once registered, you can see details on stalled projects or peruse investor information. There's an opportunity for both groups to make contact. Get started now!




AIA Updates

October 2012 ABI: Business Conditions at Architecture Firms Continue to Improve

Despite the brightening economic picture this year, firms remain concerned about an unpredictable economic landscape next year.

2012 AIA Firm Survey Results

The economic downturn cut architecture firm revenue by 40% and employment by almost a third.

How to Restart an Abandoned Project

Glen Mangold and Charles Kopplin offer advice on What to do when a client cancels a project and how and what to renegotiate when you get the green light again.

Consensus Construction Forecast

Despite national and international impediments, some improvement anticipated.

More AIA Economic Research

Visit our landing page to view monthly economic indicators and more from AIA's market research team.


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