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Nine diverse projects were recognized for Excellence in Architectural Design by the 2017 Honor Awards program of the Kentucky Society of Architects (AIA Kentucky).  The following winners were honored at a ceremony on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 during the Society’s annual convention, and acknowledged through a publication in Louisville's Business First newspaper on Friday, September 29.

The Owsley Brown II History Center at The Filson Historical Society Campus – Louisville, KY

HONOR AWARD – New Construction: greater than $5M and less than $15M

Architect:                            de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop, Louisville

Owner:                                 The Filson Historical Society

Jury Comments:

“This building offers a fascination about it and attracts attention. The respect for the adjacent buildings and the elegant use of the exterior brick masonry is ingenious. Sophisticated and novel restraint in the use of materials, demonstrated in the peeling away of the brick on the exterior and carving of the wood on the interior. The blending of different aged structures and different materials creates an excellent design composition.”

Paris-Bourbon County Public Library – Paris, KY

HONOR AWARD – Additions/Renovations/Restoration: less than $5M

Architect:                            EOP Architects, Lexington

Owner:                                 Paris-Bourbon County Public Library

Jury Comments:

Skillful integration of the new addition to the existing Carnegie Library.   The proportion and use of materials establishes a strong synergy between the two buildings, creating a harmonious contemporary design celebrating the historic importance of the Library.  The transparency at night is excellent and creates a welcoming invitation.”

University of Pikeville Health Professions Education Building – Pikeville, KY

MERIT AWARD – New Construction: greater than $15M

Architect of Record:                        Trivers Associates, St. Louis, MO

Associate Architect:                        Ayers Saint Gross, Baltimore, MD

Owner:                                              University of Pikeville

Jury Comments:

“The building excels in its positioning on a difficult, sloped site and the resulting section.  The site often means everything to a building and this design definitely uses its site to create a very distinctive and impressive image. Powerful and refined conceptual imagery.”

LuigART Makers Spaces – Lexington, KY

MERIT AWARD – New Construction: less than $5M

Architects:  NOMI Design, NoLi CDC, Emerge Contracting / ReContained, Prajna Design – Lexington, KY

Owner/Developer & Designer:    North Limestone Community Development Corporation (NoLi CDC)

Jury Comments:

“Impressive DIY mindset and commitment by the owner, as developer/master planner/designer, to enhance and transform a community.  A fun place to live and work using the vocabulary of the shotgun house.   Excellent use of advanced technology to create this design solution, adding delight to the community.”

Northern Kentucky University Campus Recreation Center – Highland Heights, KY

MERIT AWARD – Additions/Renovations/Restoration: greater than $5M

Architect of Record:                        Omni Architects, Lexington, KY

Other Architect:                                CannonDesign, Grand Island, NY

Owner:                                                 Northern Kentucky University

Jury Comments:

“A complete redefinition of an opaque, neo-brutalist building by the addition of the curved glass exterior skin, raising the level of curiosity of the activities inside.  The old exterior becomes the new interior.   Admirable restraint in the commitment to and the application of new exterior design vocabulary.”

Bourbon Cellar – Loretto, KY

CITATION – New Construction: greater than $5M and less than $15M

Architect of Record:        Hubbuch & Co, Louisville, KY

Owner:                              Maker's Mark Distillery, Inc.

Jury Comments:

“The use of the natural site to provide a temperature controlled environment and the creation of the interior spaces is intriguing.   The warehouse space is the strongest feature of this project, both the visual effect of seeing the rough rock wall and the performance benefit of using the earth to help control the interior temperatures. Visitors will be fascinated.”

Germantown Mill Lofts – Louisville, KY

CITATION – Additions/Renovations/Restoration: greater than $5M

Architect of Record:        Pimsler Hoss Architects, Atlanta, GA

Owner:                              Underhill Associates

Jury Comments:

“Excellent and admirable adaptive reuse, creating a livable community by bringing together a series of complementary uses, creating a 24-hour environment and attracting new vitality to the neighborhood.  The design of the exterior space between the buildings is essential in transforming an industrial typology into a successful residential complex.  Exceptional commitment to historic preservation.”

KMAC Museum – Louisville, KY

CITATION – Additions/Renovations/Restoration: less than $5M

Architect of Record:        Christof:Finio Architecture, New York, NY

Other Architect:                K Norman Berry Associates Architects, Louisville, KY

Owner:                                 KMAC Museum

Jury Comments:

“Wonderful complement to the historic, cast iron downtown district. The transparency of the façade creates a visual accessibility and an inviting street presence, encouraging community engagement.  The location and design of the steel stair just inside the large street front windows creates a strong identity for the museum.  The incorporation of the building systems into the ceiling, partially concealed and partially exposed, is very successful.  Smart solutions for the provision of flexible event space.”  

Shelby Park/Sobro Bus Stops – Louisville, KY


Architect of Record:                                        Luckett and Farley, Louisville, KY

Design and Fabrication Partner:                 Haptic Design Lab, LLC, Minneapolis, MN

Owner:                                                                 Louisville/ Jefferson County Metro Government

Jury Comments:

“An excellent example of multiple stakeholders collaborating to create something special that addresses the needs and opportunities of a growing neighborhood.  A design solution that makes you smile.”


The jurors met July 12, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia to review the 56 entries received for this year's program. The Atlanta-based jury members were:

•             Roger Neuenschwander, FAIA, Executive Chairman, tvsdesign, Atlanta (Jury Chair)

•             Thomas W. Ventulett III, FAIA, Design Advisor, tvsdesign, Atlanta

•             Jay Thomson, AIA, Principal, tvsdesign, Atlanta

•             Scott Marble, AIA, Principal, Marble Fairbanks Architects, New York

Each was weighed individually, not in comparison with one another, and the jury was free to select as many or as few projects as it determined to be worthy of recognition. Projects selected were deemed to have successfully met the scope of challenges with which the architect was presented.


DPAW – Roberto de Leon, FAIA, (502) 582-6295,  

EOP Architects – Mark Thompson, (859) 231-7538,

Trivers Associates – Joel Fuoss, AIA, (314) 241-2900,

NoLi CDC – Kristofer Nonn, Assoc. AIA, (608) 630-1915,

Omni Architects – Michael Jacobs, FAIA, (859) 252-6664,

Hubbuch & Co – Glenn Hubbuch, AIA, (502) 583-2713,  

Pimsler Hoss Architects – Randy Pimsler, AIA, (404) 875-1517,

Christof:Finio Architecture – Martin Finio, FAIA, (212) 219-1026,

Luckett and Farley – Christopher A. Manzo, AIA, (502) 585-4181,

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