2018WelcomeNM (004)

We would like to welcome the following members who have joined in the last month:

Nicole C. Mathew, Assoc. AIA, Madison – SW

Arif T. McAlpine, AIA, Kenosha – SE

Lindsey R. Shotwell, Assoc. AIA, DeForest – SW


November 2018:

Samuel P. Kahle, Assoc. AIA, Madison – SW

Christopher W. McMahon, AIA, Madison – SW

Clayton J. O'Connor, Assoc. AIA, Ixonia – SE

Karen Olah, State Allied – SE

Seth R. Waddell, Assoc. AIA, Tomah– NW

Patrick D. Wesley, AIA, Milwaukee– SE

October 2018:

Ryan Giese, Student Affiliate, Combined Locks - NE

Nicholas Hannah, Student Affiliate, Green Bay - NE

Andrea C. Nigro, AIA, Wausau - NW

Belle Otte, Assoc. AIA, Shorewood – SE

Stephen Vebber, AIA, Whitefish Bay - SE

September 2018:

Nathan Bassett, Assoc. AIA, Madison – SW

Daniel C. Causier, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee – SE

Elena Farin, Assoc. AIA, Madison – SW

Joshua J. Klein, Student Affiliate, Green Bay – NE

Douglas J. Kunde, AIA, Milwaukee – SE

John A. Seamon, Assoc. AIA, Fort Atkinson – SW

Blake Warnock, Student Affiliate, Green Bay – NE

August 2018:

Justine Bradley, Assoc. AIA, Sauk City - SW

Tanya Singh Chadha, Intl.Assoc. AIA, Wauwatosa - SE

Randy R. Frederick, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee - SE

Paul Kitchen, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee - SE

Derek Kratochwill, Assoc. AIA, Stoughton - SW

Sara A. Maas, AIA, Milwaukee - SE

Jonathan J. Rynish, AIA, Appleton - NE

James E. Vareka, AIA, Newton - NE

Amanda Wagner, Assoc. AIA, Port Washington - SE

July 2018:

Jacek Flejsierowicz, AIA, DePere - SE

Joseph Gaudreau, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee - SE

Jennifer Jahr, Assoc. AIA, White Hall - NW

William J. Noelck, Assoc. AIA, Wauwatosa - SE

Andrew J. Weiskopf, Assoc. AIA, Neenah - NE

Chad Wleczyk, Assoc. AIA, Wauwatosa - SE

June 2018:

Jeremy Ghent, State Allied, Plattsburgh – SW

Joshua Good, Assoc. AIA, Wautoma – SW

Meghan M. Hawkins, AIA, Madison – SW Samuel J. Kreuser, AIA, Wauwatosa – SE

Benjamin Mather, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee - SE

David Montoya, Assoc. AIA, Verona – SW

Emma Price, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee – SE

Miranda R. Seals, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee – SE

Richard T. Van Doorn, Assoc. AIA, Jefferson - SW

May 2018:

Richard J. Boudreau, AIA - NE

Nicholas E. Carolla, AIA - SW

Lisa K. Chang, AIA – SE

Matthew R. Clapper, AIA – SE

Jarincy Flores Rodriguez, Assoc. AIA – SE

Zachary F.M.. Kunstman, Assoc. AIA – SE

Craig R. Litterio, Assoc. AIA – NE

Michael Mandelman, Assoc. AIA – SE

Nicholas Mather, Assoc. AIA – SE

Alessandra Maurtua, Assoc. AIA – SW

Vincent B. Micha, AIA – SE

Carsen J. Nachreiner, AIA – SW

Benjamin C. Otten, Assoc. AIA – SE

Christopher D. Qualle, AIA – SW

Grace M. Ricca, Assoc. AIA – SE

R. Lyman Smith, Assoc. AIA – NW

Michael Southard, Assoc. AIA – NW

Mary M. Vandersteeg, Assoc. AIA – SE

April 2018:

Christopher D. Eger, Assoc. AIA – SE

Ashley M. Hannes, AIA – SE

Matthew T. Hensel, AIA – SE

Aldin Jusic, Assoc. AIA – NE

Taylor Olp, Student – NE

Andrew J. Peters, AIA – SE

Emelia Rudd, Assoc. AIA – SE

Ervin J. Schloemer, AIA – SE

Kyle A. Weisman, AIA – SE

Jessica Weyandt, AIA – NE

Jeff M. Wurm, Assoc. AIA – NE

Alexis Zunker, Student - NE

March 2018:

Marcus S Calhoun, AIA, SW

Stephen D Chizzo, AIA, NW

Ciera Clayborne, AIA, SE

Jayne Iken, Student, NE

Christopher J Kay, Intl. Assoc. AIA, SE

Devin M Mangan, Assoc. AIA, SE

Cara L Martini, Assoc. AIA, SE

Andrew J McCready, AIA, Madison, SW

Rebecca Ratajczak, Student, NE

Carlos J. Rivera-Jimenez, Assoc. AIA, SE

Sharon N. Sanchez Ordonez, Assoc. AIA, SW

Kevin J. Schellenbach, AIA, SW

Tripti Upreti, Assoc. AIA, SW

Timothy J. VanOudenhoven, AIA, SE

Tina Wager-Smith, Student, NE

February 2018:

Stacy Willyem Boles, Assoc. AIA, SE

Peter M. Budnik, AIA, SE

William R. Chandler, AIA, SEJoseph T. Coughlin, AIA, SW

Rebecca Deau, Student, NE

Daniel Kalkman, Assoc. AIA, SE

Christopher Matson, State Allied, SW

Cynthia M. Mrozenski, AIA, SW

Mindie L. Nauman, AIA, SW

Denis T. Pohlman, AIA, SE

Curtis L. Qualls, AIA, SW

Brandon Rozga, AIA, SE

Donn C. Thompson, AIA, SE

Jessica L. Timmer, AIA, SE

Victor C Wolbrink, AIA, SW

January 2018:

Ryan N Folger, AIA, SE

Addison Lecy-Siewert, Assoc. AIA, SW

Sarah E. Ponko, AIA, SW

Preethi Srikanth, AIA, SE

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2018WelcomeNM (004)

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