Architect Mentor Program

Architecture Mentoring Program (AMP)

The AIA Wisconsin Architect Mentor Program (AMP) features seven sessions addressing important leadership topics to advance the relevance of our profession. Designed for emerging professionals, the new initiative has both an inward and outward focus to help elevate the profession by preparing architects with enhanced individual and community leadership skills.  The potential benefits are unlimited.  AMP will harness this potential by developing AIA Wisconsin members who will be recognized as thought leaders and trusted advisors.


Session 1 – Leadership

September 19  & 20

Location: Eppstein Uhen Architects, Milwaukee

  • Leadership in the Community
  • Leadership in the Profession
  • Leadership as an Individual

Guest Speakers: Lisa Kennedy, FAIA (Manna), Kevin Flynn, AIA (Kiku Obata), and Ambassador Richard Swett, FAIA.

Session 2 – Marketing/Business Development/Strategic Planning

October 19

Location: TBA -Madison

  • What It Takes to Win
  • Client Expectations Panel
  • Brand Identity and Trends in the AEC industry

Guest Speakers:  Kate Mullaney (HGA) , Maura Donnelly (UWSA),  Kevin Trinastic (DFDM),  Jeanne Hoffman (CoMadison),  Paul Meunch (URP), Keith Walters (Thiel Design), Morgan Burns (Thiel Design), John Thiel (Thiel Design)

Session 3 – The Business of Architecture

November 16

Location: The Boldt Company - Waukesha

  • Firm Corporate Structures, Hierarchy, and Roles
  • Firm Financials
  • Firm Governance
  • Shareholders and Ownership

Guest Speakers:  Alison Helland (Boardman Clark) Don Gotrik (Mead & Hunt),  Kristin Kelley (Mead & Hunt), Scott Clark (Boldt)

Session 4 – Sustainability/Resilience

January 18

  • COTE Evaluation
  • Sustainability Private and Public Goals
  • Resilience – Post-Disaster Recovery Efforts across the World
  • Resilience – AIA Wisconsin Disaster Assessment Program Introduction

Session 5 – Advocacy

February 20

  • State Legislative Landscape
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • State Capitol Visits - Making the Ask
  • Advocacy Tools and Resources

Session 6 - Community/Diversity & Ethics/Risk Management

March 15

  • Community Outreach and Diversity
  • Women In Design
  • Ethics and Risk Management
  • Trademarks, Copyright, & Intellectual Property

Session 7 – Work Life Balance

April 12

  • Work Life Balance/Career Paths
  • Team Building/Delegation
  • Communication/Self Awareness
  • The Effects of Stress
  • Firm Leader Panel Discussion
"Leaders aren't born; they're made." - Vince Lombardi


The leadership program will focus on the value in looking inward as well as outward. The inward focus recognizes the individual’s professional growth and development within the firm and amidst their peers. The external focus is on the relevance of the Architect in the community, with allied professionals, and to the general public. The program sessions are developed by industry leaders as well as members, firms, principals, and AIA Fellows. Participation in this exclusive program not only builds an individual, but is also our profession’s investment in the future.


This program is designed to enhance the careers of emerging young architects.  The ideal candidate is licensed less than 10 years and regarded as a dedicated, top talent in their firm, with high potential, goals, and drive to move up within firm leadership and the profession.  Class size is limited. AIA membership is required. Applicants are limited to two from any one firm.  A panel will review applications based on information required.


Sessions involve monthly full-day programs between September 2018 through April 2019 with the first session a two-day session with an overnight. The application serves as a commitment to attend all sessions of the program.  Each applicant must have a principal sponsor within the firm.  This serves as commitment by the firm to provide the applicant full support to attend and fully engage in each session.  The sponsor will review goals and expectations with the applicant prior to the program and near the program’s conclusion. A “check in” conversation following each session is highly encouraged.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

Download the APPLICATION includes Instructions, Candidate's Application, Sponsor Recommendation and Employer Commitment

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Architecture Mentoring Program (AMP)


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