2019 Year in Review - AIA Southwest Wisconsin

As the year comes to an end, we take a moment to reflect on 2019 and look ahead to 2020.


This year we provided eight Eat and Earns providing AIA CES learning unit hours.  Topics varied from product technology to professional resiliency.

We have continued to partner with the Monona Terrace on the Wright Design Lecture Series.  The Lecture Series highlights a wide variety of topics on design, including architecture.  With our contribution, the series is free to all, and provides a great platform for public awareness of architectural issues.

Additional joint programming has proved to help connect AIA members with other AEC organizations. A Joint AIA/CSI event focused on the new AWI standards for woodwork.  A joint building tour with SES brought architects and structural engineers together to review tilt-up concrete construction.

Building tours in 2019 included: Black Hawk Church, Fitchburg; Fire Station 14, Madison; Delta Beer Lab, Madison.  All three tours explored unique building typology and construction methods and reflected on the individual social goals of the project.


AIA WI continues to be a leader in advocacy for the profession of Architects and our commitment to the community.

In February, AIA WI officers, future leaders, and committed members visited the Capitol in Madison to meet with our local state legislators.  We introduced ourselves, the AIA, and shared the value and resourcefulness of Architects.

In March, AIA WI officers participated in a National Capitol Hill day, meeting with senators and representatives to not only introduce AIA and Architects to their office, but to promote a few upcoming bills.  One that is currently in the works would provide funding for design for school safety.


We’re always trying to improve our communication with members, and this year we put a lot of focus into creating more channels for connection.  We now have a dedicated LinkedIn page and Facebook group for AIA SW WI, used to promote events and architectural awareness.  

These are both opportunities for you to get in touch with us as well and provide any direct feedback or suggestions.  We love to hear from members about what you like and don’t like so we can tailor programming and events towards your interests.

Use the link below to follow us on LinkedIn, or contact Malorie Hepner to join our Facebook Group.



Our October Annual Meeting doubles as a Member Spotlight – an opportunity for us to highlight one of our members who has exhibited exceptional leadership or contributions to our community. This year’s spotlight was shone on Stacey Keller.

Stacey learned of her interest in historic preservation and renovation work at a young age and has dedicated most of her career to these types of projects. She finds joy in creating quality spaces for the building users and understands how some of the smallest design opportunities can have the biggest impacts.

Stacey has served on countless AIA committees and boards, with a focus on providing opportunities for Emerging Professionals. Looking at Stacey you might think she's done it all ... but she's still asking "What's Next?".


To wrap up the year, we will be celebrating with food and drink at our annual Holiday Party in December.

In 2020, we will continue to offer monthly Eat + Earn programming, support the Wright Lecture Series, and plan exciting building tours. We are also hoping to start offering programs at different locations and times in order to try to attract members that may not be able to make certain locations or times work for them.

Additionally, we are planning additional opportunities to partner and connect with other AEC organizations to provide new and relevant learning opportunities.

If you have any requests for upcoming programming, please contact us to let us know!


We are honored to continue to serve our membership with learning and community opportunities.  Follow our LinkedIn page to learn more about each of our current officers over the next month.

2019 Present: Diana Davis

2020 President/2019 Vice President: Malorie Hepner

2020 Vice President/2019 Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Skalitzky

2020 Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Pahl

Are you interested in leadership and service opportunities with AIA SW WI? There are many opportunities (small and larger) to get involved.  Please contact us and we will work with your interests to find a good fit!


Finally, thank you to all our members for supporting the AIA, being involved in our local community, and helping to promote to values of Architecture.

The Southwest Wisconsin section includes 433 members: 301 AIA members, 48 Emeritus members, and 80 Associate AIA members.

We look forward to seeing all 433 members throughout 2020.

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