Magnolia Montessori for All-05

Magnolia Montessori For All by Page, a 2019 recipient, offers high-quality, authentic Montessori education to 500 pre-k-6th grade students from historically disadvantaged and underserved communities in East Austin.

As education continues to evolve, we must evaluate and measure our successes, and have an arena in which to test ideas. The Education Facility Design Awards provides an opportunity to engage in critical evaluation and experimentation, not as an end in itself, but in the context of our clients and their needs.

Recognized projects represent state-of-the-art learning environments, including early childhood, K-12, alternative, community and technical colleges, schools of higher education, corporate or other specialized training centers and non-traditional learning environments such as community centers, museums, libraries, nature centers, and interpretive centers.

This awards program is sponsored by the Committee on Architecture for Education, an AIA Knowledge Community.

Awards of Excellence will be given to registered architects whose projects represent exemplary practice in all five of the following areas of educational facility design:

  • enhances the client's educational program
  • integrates functional needs and aesthetic considerations while respecting the surrounding community and context
  • the planning and design process
  • shows an understanding of the connection between the built and natural environment
  • demonstrates an integrated and holistic approach to sustainability

Awards of Merit may be given to other registered architects for superior quality projects.

The number of awards given will be at the sole discretion of the jury, based on the number of projects it deems to represent exemplary practice. The jury also has the discretion to waive requirements to meet all five areas to award projects they deem as being exceptional in meeting the educational needs of students or provides an exemplary solution to an atypical design challenge.

National recognition

This design awards program will offer architects, designers, and educational planners an opportunity to be nationally recognized. Your work will be displayed through a variety of channels, reaching an audience of school boards, private and public school administrators, facilities managers, and other client groups.

A recipient-designed project board will be displayed at AIA and partner conferences, such as the fall CAE conference at EDspaces.

Award-winning projects will be showcased on Postings will include the jury’s statement, project narrative, and a limited number of images.

Some projects may also be featured in a number of publications, presentations, and conferences, or included in other CAE-sponsored media presentations.

Recent coverage includes Fast Company, Business Insider, Building Design + Construction, Bustler, and ARCHITECT magazine.

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Magnolia Montessori for All-05

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