The Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre by Trahan Architects, a 2019 recipient, required a fabrication workflow merging hand-crafted steam bending with complex 3D laser projection and laser scanning.

The Innovation Awards recognize the exemplary use and implementation of innovative technologies and progressive practices among architects and designers, their collaborators, and their clients, in support of the design, delivery and operation of buildings or research in practice or academia.

This awards program is administered by the Technology in Architectural Practice, an AIA Knowledge Community.


  • Open to everyone
  • Submissions by jury members or by any firm or organization of which they are members or have a substantial interest are not permitted.


Each submission will be judged in the context of scope and scale of the practice or academic institutions, regardless of firm size.

All entries must receive permission from owners and other team members and acknowledge that permission as part of the submission.

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CW Keller