Great public architecture embodies the identity and values of a society. The Thomas Jefferson Awards for Public Architecture recognize architects in the public and private sectors, public officials, or other individuals who design distinguished public facilities and/or who advocate for design excellence.

A self-taught architect who designed his own and colleagues’ homes, Jefferson wrote extensively on architecture, developed an architectural style that’s still influential today, and positioned architecture as an essential element in establishing the new nation and capital.

Any AIA member, group of members, component, or AIA knowledge community may nominate candidates in the following three categories honoring Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to architecture:

  • Category one: private sector architects licensed in the US with an established portfolio of accomplishment in distinguished public facilities
  • Category two: public sector architects employed in the US public sector or in US government agencies that manage or produce public architecture
  • Category three: public officials or private individuals advocating for or furthering public awareness and appreciation of quality public architecture

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