The AIA Honorary Fellowship program honors international architects for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society on an international level. The 2019 Honorary Fellows are listed below.

Distinguished architects who are not US citizens or residents and who do not primarily practice architecture within the US may be nominated for Honorary Fellowship.

Any member of the Institute may act as a sponsor and nominate a qualified individual for honorary fellowship.

Objects of Nomination

  • Object one: To promote the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession. Design, Urban Design, or Preservation.
  • Object two: To advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice. Education, Research, Literature, or Practice (with the option of a subcategory of Management or Technical Advancement).
  • Object three: To coordinate the building industry, and the profession of architecture. Led the Institute or a Related Organization.
  • Object four: To ensure the advancement of the living standards of people through their improved environment. Public Service, Government, Industry, or Organization.
  • Object five: To make the profession of ever-increasing service to society. Alternative Career, Volunteer Work with Organizations Not Directly Connected with the Built Environment or Service to Society

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