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About this Course

Solar Facades invisibly integrate high-performance PV in dynamic and maintenance-free facade that produce on-site electricity to provide carbon-neutrality and energy resiliency. Learn how to design a unique, beautiful successful solar facade without compromising architectural quality or urban integrity. Get inspired from renovation, transformation and new-build projects around the world that recover the environmental and financial investments in a few years, but produce free and sustainable electricity for 50 to 80 years. As the only building material, Solar Facades pay for them selves and can completely off-set the buildings environmental footprint (materials, construction & operation) over it is operational life. Solar Facades are a critical component in achieving Net-Zero buildings

Prerequisite Knowledge:
Basic knowledge of facade design and understanding of the need to decarbonise our buildings to achieve Net-Zero and limit global warming

Learning Objective 1:
What makes a Solar Facade the next generation BIPV and learn how other projects has leveaged the solutions to achieve top-tier certifications and lower operational costs. Why must Solar Facades be deployed everywhere if we are to reach a Net-Zero & Zero-Carbon future?

Learning Objective 2:
What are the different Solar Facade modalities and what are the opportunities and constraints of each. From ventilated rain-screens and curtain-wall integration to louvered systems require drastically different technical solutions

Learning Objective 3:
What are the color, material, finish and mounting freedoms available to design a custom Solar Facade. Pros and Cons with different choices and the what may the cost implication be, as well as how to optimise for architecture, cost and operation.

Learning Objective 4:
How to get a cost and production estimate already in the early design/concept stages. How to minimise risk and improve results by selecting a complete Solar Facade solution

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  • Keywords Facade, Design, Sustainability, Net-Zero, Zero-Carbon, BIPV, Solar, PV, Rain-screen, Cladding, Over Clad, Building Integrated Photo Voltaic

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