Anchor Layout for Rope Descent Systems

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About this Course

This course will provide an in-depth understanding of how to layout anchorages for rope descent systems. The course will also touch on anchorages for fall protection systems for workers on roofs and swing stage operations for workers accessing the building facade.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
A basic understanding of drafting/technical drawing would be helpful.

Learning Objective 1:
Understanding where anchorages need to be located for RDS workers to comply with OSHA regulations and the I.14 Window Cleaning Standard. Information covered will include 1) the workers reach, 2) the workers point of suspension at the window mullion, 3) tie-back angle from the workers point of suspension, 4) the required anchorage loading capacity per worker, 5) anticipated number of RDS workers at the buidling.

Learning Objective 2:
How to layout anchorages on the building corners to prevent workers from a free fall of more than 6'-0" as OSHA limits the allowable free distance to 6'-0" or less.

Learning Objective 3:
What are the height limitations for rope descent systems? I.E.: OSHA restrictions for rope descent systems above and under 300 foot tall buildings.

Learning Objective 4:
What OSHA fall protection regulations need to be considered for RDS workers to safety approach their drop location at the building edge?

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