UVC Disinfection Technology in the Post-Coronavirus World

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  • Original Course Approval 02/01/2021

  • Course Expiration 02/01/2024

About this Course

The Coronavirus pandemic has put into stark relief the critical role high-traffic facilities possess in the spread of outbreaks. As such, new building trends emphasize implementing pathogen-containment measures to mitigate risk. Ultraviolet light in the bandwidth of 200-280nm, known as UV-C, is a time-tested tool for disinfection of pathogens that may be integral to ensuring tomorrow’s buildings are safer for occupants. In this webinar, you will learn about the latest and most applicable UVC technologies, their proper use, and where to best apply differing technologies. Topics include [1] a background on UVC including what UVC light is, how it disinfects, and the importance of UVC light in post-coronavirus buildings. [2] UVC best practices including mitigating risk and maximizing the efficiency of UVC implementation, and factors to consider to achieve proper disinfection (i.e. light intensity, application time, etc.). [3] An overview of major UVC technologies (different wavelengths, lamp technologies, etc.) and systems (whole-room, upper-air, HVAC air purification, hybrid, etc.). [4] Sample solutions for various spaces and facilities (K-12 schools, office buildings, hotels, industrial, and more). [5] Q+A

Prerequisite Knowledge:
This is an introductory course - no prerequisite knowledge beyond the normal scope of a licensed architect is necessary.

Learning Objective 1:
To understand on a basic level what UV-C light is and, biologically, how it disinfects.

Learning Objective 2:
To understand the concept of dosage including the proper disinfection dosages of many common pathogens, and factors that affect dosage (i.e. time, light intensity, reflectance, air flow, etc.)

Learning Objective 3:
To understand the risks involved with implementing UVC systems and how to best mitigate these risks to maximize system safety.

Learning Objective 4:
To be exposed to various UVC lighting technology including different wavelengths, lamp types, and systems. To understand the benefits and drawbacks of the aforementioned technologies.

Learning Objective 5:
To attain a basic understanding of what kinds of UVC systems would best serve different spaces and facilities.

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  • Keywords ultraviolet, disinfection, UV, UV-C, UVC, upper-air, upper-room, GUV, HVAC air purification, air purification

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