Wireless Lighting Controls - Applications and Design

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About this Course

Lighting controls are moving away from expensive, complicated, and limited systems requiring controls wiring, processors, and complicated IT programming. New wireless controls provide simplicity and flexibility that can maximize the functionality of a facility’s lighting system while providing high-end functionality to facility occupants and management. In this class, we will review the latest in wireless lighting controls and their many applications in architectural and functional lighting systems. While our approach will focus on applications, we will review some of the basic technical requirements to ensure proper power distribution and signal connectivity throughout a facility.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
This is an introductory level course.

Learning Objective 1:
To understand the technical requirements for implementing wireless lighting controls including power consumption, proper layouts, and hardware including gateways, sensors, repeaters, etc.

Learning Objective 2:
To review the benefits and disadvantages of various types of wireless lighting technologies including Bluetooth, radio-wave, EnOcean, ZigBee, and others.

Learning Objective 3:
To explore the potential pitfalls of wireless systems and solutions to eliminate or reduce improper functioning of these systems.

Learning Objective 4:
To understand the wide-array of benefits wireless lighting controls can provide including energy conservation, data reporting, automated controls via scheduling and/or presence/absence detection, circadian lighting, remote access, and local adjustments to color tuning and dimming.

Learning Objective 5:
To discover how wireless lighting controls are integral parts to emerging trends in lighting such as IoT and LiFi.

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  • Keywords lighting, lighting controls, wireless lighting controls

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