Schematic Design Phase Energy Analysis


AIA SW Wisconsin

This interactive course will provide attendees with a charrette experience for evaluating and driving building energy performance—to analyze results in real time, as early as pre-design. During this session, participants act as design team members from all disciplines, working with real building characteristics and an actual building design. Using an analysis approach that assists with a cost benefit discussion, the participants will assemble “bundles” of selected energy efficiency measures to play out what-if scenarios, discussing the merits and challenges of each bundle. This session, with live tools and facilitation, will demonstrate an effective method for guiding energy decision-making during early design, towards achieving higher efficiency goals and increasingly stringent energy codes.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize the value early energy analysis provides to the design process and client decision-making.

Identify a range of energy-efficiency options and their impacts on energy outcomes during various stages of design.

Interpret building performance and financial information provided by energy analysis results, including lifecycle costs

Understand how decisions made very early in pre-design can increase energy savings opportunities


Lunch is included. Registration is required.


Barb Ohlsen, AIA and Francisco Sayu, The Weidt Group


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