2017 AIA OVR Convention


AIA Ohio, AIA, Indiana, AIA Kentucky

“WE BUILT THIS CITY” is designed to encompass AIA’s commitment to sustainable and resilient design, equity and human rights, economic opportunity, infrastructure investment and the future of the profession. Success will require the collaboration of a wide range of financial, private sector, public sector, academic and not-for-profit agencies. What do we, as architects, contribute to this conversation?  How can our understanding of the "New Urban Agenda” enable us to make a difference where we live and work?

We’ve brought together a wide range of stakeholders from government, civil society, academia and the business community to increase our understanding of how architects can advance this agenda to benefit diverse constituencies in communities of every size. Our schedule includes significant workshop content to address specific professional interests, foster multi-disciplinary collaboration, and inspire individual action that will improve communities, projects and practices in the region.

Join us in Indianapolis September 27-29 for the 2017 AIA Ohio Valley Convention.

  • Four Keynote Presentations!
  • 30 Breakout Sessions!
  • 3 Off-Site Tours!
  • 16.5 AIA/LU Available!





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