Educational Event

Annual Meeting & Presentation of WI State Capitol Restoration


AIA Southwest WI

Annual meeting followed by presentation on the Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Wisconsin State Capitol

Annual Meeting Agenda: President's Remarks | Treasurer's Report | Officer Elections

There will be a chance to receive nominations from the floor, but the the published slate of candidates is President, Mark Kruser; AIA, Vice-President, Diana Davis, AIA, Secretary Treasurer, Malorie Hepner, AIA. If no candidates are added, we will elect the published candidates by acclamation.

Presentation:Creative Solutions/Sensitive Design: The Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin Capitol features the finest in architecture, art, materials and craftsmanship that the early 20th century offered. After years of inconsistent remodeling efforts to accommodate the changing needs of building occupants, conditions of the building demanded attention. After considerable study and planning, a major restoration and rehabilitation of the Capitol commenced in 1988 and was completed in 2002. Preservation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation of the building has made the Capitol a state-of-the-art, modern office building for the 21st Century while maintaining its National Historic Landmark status.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a basic knowledge of George B. Post, Architect of the Wisconsin Capitol.
  • Understand the adverse effects of many years of use and inconsistent remodeling upon art and architecture of the State Capitol.
  • Understand the benefits of State’s approach to developing guidelines, a master plan, and a long term comprehensive project to restore, rehabilitate and modernize the Capitol.
  • Assess the work done by the State to preserve, restore, and rehabilitate the Capitol in terms of its practicality versus its sensitivity to preservation.


Registration is required. Lunch is included.


Dan Stephens, AIA, and Charlie Quagliana, AIA


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