Educational Event

Commercial Glass & Glazing Facility Tour


AIA Milwaukee

The commercial glass and glazing facility tour will explore their full plant operations, highlighting their two proprietary commercial, operable window lines. The tour will be led by their window designer who has a 30-year history of fenestration product design and testing experience. A presentation at the end will focus on operable window design and what to look for in the top performers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Observe glass cutting and edge finishing machine operations.
  • Observe commercial aluminum doors, storefront and curtainwall fabrication demonstrating the extent to which frames can be fabricated for delivery to the job site.
  • Witness the full fabrication and assembly process of two innovative commercial operable window products and become familiar with various hardware options, gaskets and accessories.
  • Discover how to inspect windows on-site for satisfactory operation and installation standards.
  • Explore the latest available paint and anodize finishes. Compare the options for remote operation of windows and how motor operators can be integrated into smart building technology.


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