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March Lunch Program



Rainwater Harvesting - Water Containment Tanks

& STASIS Energy Mass Wall System Presentations


11:15am Doors open, Lunch available

11:30am Presenter 1 begins: Dick Butler from Contain Water Systems in Austin TX

Corrugated steel liquid storage tanks primarily used for the storage of water. Tanks are designed and engineered for several applications; rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, fire protection, irrigation, agricultural, industrial, mining, potable drinking water and many other applications.

12:10pm Presenter 2 begins: Carter Coleman, STASIS Building & Team

The Energy Mass wall system is a fireproof, earthquake proof, R-100 building block for net zero energy homes. Developed by UC Berkeley professor, R. Gary Black it has been used in the construction of single family residences, wineries, religious buildings, cold storage buildings…etc. The presenters will be Joe Zickerman, PhD and senior fire scientist, who will speak to fire resistance in buildings; Ray Cole, mechanical engineer, CEO of Axiom Engineers, who will talk about human comfort and the feasibility of reaching California’s net-zero-energy targets; and Cullen Burda, vice president of Integrated Structures Inc., who will talk about the energy mass wall system and its application in re-building the fire ravaged areas of Santa Rosa to withstand imminent earthquakes, the climate changing landscape of California, and as a key component in reaching net-zero-energy goals.

1:30pm Adjourned


Thank you to our presenters.

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