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ABB: State of Work - Blur the Edges


Hosted by AIA Dayton

How can we redefine the office to support the diverse and unique needs of today's workforce?


The workplace matters more than ever, but yesterday's office is not serving the workers of today.  Collaborative spaces to connect with coworkers are scarce, as are places to focus without disruption.  And although leaders feel that creativity is an essential skill that can support company growth and profitability, 39 percent consider their company to be creative.  Meanwhile, 69 percent of employees feel they are not living up to their creative potential, and 75 percent report that their workspaces aren't sparking creativity.

This course outlines the drivers and disrupters of the shifting needs and demands of workers, and provides an overview of the creative process.  It also identifies three design principles, key spatial attributes and five space typologies that can support creativity in the workplace.


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Thanks to Business Furniture and Steelcase for presenting this AIA approved CES course.

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