2018 AIA Central Utah Annual Dinner and Member Meeting


AIA Central Utah Section

Join AIA Central Utah for their annual dinner, recognition, and education event. Join members as they recap 2018, announce leadership for 2019, and dine at the UVU Culinary Arts Institute! Justin Morris, Interior Design Faculty at BYU-Idaho, will present "Design Thinking - What is it?" discussing this human-centered approach to solving problems.


In a nutshell, Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to solving problems. It uses an organized method of defining the problem through observing and empathizing with the people who are impacted by it, generating multiple solutions, prototyping one of the solutions, and then testing it.

Design thinking is used in all industries from mechanical engineering, business, and healthcare to education, art, and design. In fact, many top universities offer Design Thinking courses as a supplement to their graduate programs.


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