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Architectural Printed Metal Products: Unique Surfacing Solutions


AIA Mid-Michigan

This course discusses the future of exterior coatings and finishes and explains the bespoke process of achieving a site-specific, client-specific design. Using the offset gravure printing process, unique finishes such as vintage luxury metals, abstract stone and wood can be printed on various types of metals. This manufacturing process results in high fidelity finishes capable of all the fabrications of a metal substrate; provides a Class A Fire Rating; and is a durable, easily maintained and sustainable product. For exterior applications, we will also discuss the advantages of using a FEVE Lumiflon coating over PVDF Kynar Coating, and why this will be the benchmark exterior coating for the future. Projects / Case studies discussed will be the Under Armour Brand House in Chicago, IL; Primark in King of Prussia, PA; HCMC in Minneapolis, MN; Rapt Fitness in St Paul, MN; US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN; and Pitkin County Library in Aspen, CO.



Shane Ramnarine


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