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BIM to SIM (or How Do I Get That Rich Data into My Simulations Without Re-entering?)


Joint meeting of AIA Dayton and ASHRAE

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most powerful tools that designers have to create and visualize 3-D building models. BIM allows the designer to track thousands of building components in 3-D and thus detect potential interferences. It also makes it easy to visually display a potentially complex design in a way that building owners can easily understand. Similarly, building energy simulation (SIM) has evolved into a powerful tool for evaluating the energy performance of potential or existing buildings. Building simulation allows easy comparison of the energy and environmental performance of many hundreds of design or retrofit options. Because much of the data that building simulation tools require already exists in the BIM models, it’s critical that simple methods for sharing that data are available.

This presentation describes the opportunities and challenges for sharing data between BIM and SIM and demonstrates recent advances in data exchange.


8:00 AM Registration

8:15 AM Breakfast Provided

8:30 - 9:30 AM Presentation


The registration fee is $25 for AIA members; $35 for non-AIA members.


Drury B. Crawley, PhD

Director, Building Industry Development, Bentley Fellow

Bentley Systems, Inc.

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