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Discriminatory Harassment Awareness Training & Prevention


AIA Dayton

Following examples set forward by AIA National and AIA Ohio, AIA Dayton adopted an Anti-Harassment Policy on December 12, 2018.  AIA Dayton and its members are committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations, and to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our operations and activities.  This policy is designed to prevent sexual and other types of harassment within AIA Dayton, and to provide for corrective action as appropriate.


AIA presents this workshop to its members any other interested partners to educate them on what constitutes discriminatory harassment in public and in the workplace, and how to eliminate it.  

Learning Objectives:

  1.     To understand the background of the laws which prevent sexual harassment and other types of discriminatory harassment.
  2.     To understand how sexual harassment is defined.
  3.     To understand what a hostile work environment is and learn how to avoid and fix it.
  4.     To learn how to notice a pattern of discriminatory harassment and to eliminate it.


Todd Palmer, Attorney at Law

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