Educational Event

Overcoming Structural & Life Safety Challenges in Large Scale Internal Public Art


Sinclair Community College Enrichment Series and AIA Dayton

Learn about the essentials of safe placemaking as Terry Welker, FAIA, demonstrates how art and science are merged to create unique aesthetic experiences. You will start in the three story atrium with Welker's giant Fractal Rain sculpture and tour the library to see how the complex spaces relate to the program, site and city with a number of large art works and how they enhance the built environment.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the proper use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in public art and how they relate to OBC/ICC Table 307.1.(1) (maximum allowable quantities of hazardous materials).
  2. Learn how to avoid pitfalls to integrate unique materials and forms of public art in a manner that does not conflict with mechanical/fire protection systems and still achieve aesthetic goals.
  3. Through a case history (Fractal Rain) learn how lateral loads of heavy suspended public art (five miles of high strength stainless steel wire, 3576 prisms) affect a building's structural system and how to overcome the design challenge by load distribution and cable design.
  4. Learn about the challenges of planning, staging and safely installing public art during building construction, required personal safety equipment, and training on motorized construction equipment. A stop action video will illustrate the entire two week installation of Fractal Rain.


Terry Welker, FAIA, City of Kettering

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