Educational Event

Fire Protection history, standards, testing and comparison between MBC and NFPA


AIA Mid-Michigan

Historical review of fireblock, draftstop, firestop, cementituous fireproofing and

intumescent coatings, industry testing standards and Life Safety Barrier

Management compliance similarities between Michigan Building Code and

NFPA. Addressing the physical environment through bonding, specifications,

project milestone, coordination of trades, openings, barrier repairs /

modifications, inspections and application based fire protection installations.

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This program addresses the key fire safety provisions of the Michigan Building

Code based on the IBC 2015 and National Fire Protection Association Standards

and quality assurance measures for achieving compliance.

Learning Objective 1:

Understand the history of fireblock, draftstop, firestop, cementituous fireproofing

and intumescent coatings.

Learning Objective 2:

Understand industry testing standards and why they are important.

Learning Objective 3:

Understand history and variances of MBC and NFPA Life Safety Barrier

Management and compliance alignment.

Learning Objective 4:

Understand importance of application based specifications for new construction

through requirements of long-termed maintenance.



AIA Mid-Michigan

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