Negotiating Contracts: Understand Your Risks

October 21, 2020
1:00 pm -2:30 pm EDT


AIA Trust and Victor

Architects are often faced with unreasonable contractual provisions generated by prospective clients or their attorneys. Onerous contract language can challenge an architect’s ability to protect public health and safety and threaten the very viability of the architect’s firm. This webinar will look at the importance of clear, reasonable and coordinated contractual provisions and analyze non-standard professional services agreements as well as significant changes to AIA documents. The ten worst provisions that create unreasonable risks or create uninsured contractual exposures will be analyzed for their effect on firm professional liability risk to serve both the client and the public interest. Real-world examples will be discussed including the negotiations necessary for firms to meet client needs and avoid the dangers of client-proposed language that creates unreasonable risk and unmanageable obligations.


Brad Benjamin, AIA, Radium Architecture, Greenville, SC

Glenn Birx, FAIA, Ayers/Saint/Gross Architects & Planners, Baltimore, MD

Frank Musica, Victor US, Bethesda, MD


AIA Trust and Victor


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