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AIA's national headquarters, located in Washington, DC.

Designing for social justice: 4 lessons from Chicago architects

June 21, 2017

Fast Company

Timothy Swanson, leader of CannonDesign’s Chicago practice, thinks architecture can help inequality in the city–but only if it’s part of a broader strategy.

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How New York's rising trend of 'supertall' towers looks from the 92nd floor

June 15, 2017

Los Angeles Times

Sometimes a view is just a view. And sometimes — when you’re standing on the 92nd floor of a controversial New York skyscraper with architect Rafael Viñoly — it’s a window onto the architectural arms race that is rapidly reshaping the Manhattan skyline.

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Why architects oppose Trump's withdrawal from The Paris Climate Treaty

June 1, 2017


President Donald Trump said he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, a worldwide effort to combat climate change.  The AIA opposes the Trump Administration's decision to do so.  Learn more about why the AIA opposes this move.

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Get ready for skyscrapers made of wood. (yes, wood)

May 30, 2017


Chicago has always been a city defined by metal and concrete, but now, an ambitious new proposal promises to introduce a new material to Chicago’s skyline, and to skyscrapers around the world: wood.

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The history of the Las Vegas Strip is the history of how we vacation

May 15, 2017


The buildings on the Last Vegas Strip have changed a lot over the years. But according to architect Stefan Al, if you look past the crap tables and slot machines to the architecture of the Strip, you can see the history of US recreation and social change.

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5 buildings designed to make you healthier

May 10, 2017


Architects increasingly embrace the idea that they play a role in fostering good health by designing buildings that make it easier for occupants to make positive lifestyle choices such as moving during the day, absorbing natural light and eating healthy food. POLITICO asked Matt Welker, who promotes healthy building design at the American Institute of Architects, to pick five of his favorite buildings and explain what makes them good at making you healthier.

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The Alamo is forgettable. A controversial new plan could change that.

May 8, 2017

Houston Chronicle

After the Battle of the Alamo, General Santa Anna ordered his troops to destroy as much of the mission as possible, this destruction is evident. A new master plan aims to restore, at least in gesture, conditions of the mission before it was destroyed, highlighting it as a place where indigenous families lived, worked and worshiped for centuries, as well as the site of the 13-day siege.

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Architect picks for the 14 best homes of the year

April 24, 2017

CBS News

What makes a house award-worthy? Each year, the AIA recognizes some of the best housing designs from across the country. Katherine Williams, AIA, served as this year's jury chair and shares her thoughts behind the selections.  

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A Portrait of I. M. Pei at (Nearly) 100

April 19, 2017

New York Magazine

Over the course of his career, the aristocrat of American architects, who turns 100 on April 26, has drawn on a dazzling range of influences, from Chinese gardens to ancient Colorado cliff dwellings to the fountain in a Cairo mosque.

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