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Promoting excellence in education for the future of architecture

Education of present and future architects is critical to AIA's vision to drive positive change through the power of design. Academic research is equally important and is a keystone linking academia and practice.

AIA Academic Engagement serves as a liaison between higher education and practice. As a part of the Center for Emerging Professionals, we work to harness the power of education and engagement to advance our mission to improve the nation’s quality of life through design.  

Architecture at the University of the District of Columbia

We collaborate with college faculty, students, administrators, practitioners, and collateral organizations to support research and prepare future architects for the workforce. We also pool our resources with architectural collateral organizations ACSA, NAAB, NCARB, AIAS and others to provide scholarships, educational programming, research opportunities and more.

We encourage architecture faculty and staff to become AIA members to expand your network, increase your knowledge, and make strides in education. Learn more >

Our hallmark academic engagement initiatives include:

  • Intersections Symposium: In partnership with ACSA, peer-reviewed research papers are presented at the annual AIA Conference on Architecture. Research projects, many bridging academia. practice and industry, highlight the important discoveries occurring in our universities and practice. Learn more >
  • School visits: Staying engaged and supporting higher education is critical to growing the design profession. We visit NAAB accredited architecture schools around the country to learn more about the education of future architects and explore ways to assist all through resources, scholarships and research opportunities.  Request a visit - contact nissadahlinbrown@aia.orgStudent engagement: We are committed to developing the future workforce. Every year, we engage directly with students at various architecture student organization events. Additionally, we work to offer a number of programs and opportunities for students, which you can find in the tabs below.
  • Partners in education and research:  We co-host and sponsor educational events with architectural collateral organizations, including ACSA, AIAS, SBSE, BTES, NAAB, and NCARB. We encourage schools to get involved with similar organizations. Plus, we jointly sponsor research publications and awareness campaigns with TAD, JAE, and BRIK.

News, research articles, sites, funding, etc.

AIA Higher Education Advisory Group

Volunteer to serve on our Higher Education Advisory Group (HEAG) and inform education and practice! We are looking for six representatives from US NAAB accredited schools located in each of the six ACSA regions. You may be full or part-time faculty and AIA membership is preferred, but NOT required. Read this Information on the HEAG and submit a brief application form and attachments by Feb. 1, 2018. Any questions, please contact nissadahlinbrown@aia.org or 202-626-7449.

Practicing around the world

Curious about what is required to practice outside your home country?  NCARB and NAAB offer some information at the following links.

NCARB:  International Practice   -   Foreign Applicants

NAAB:  International   -   Substantial Equivalency  --   ESSA  --  Canberra Accord --  Canadian Certification

Building Research Information Knowledgebase BRIK

BRIK, is a collaborative effort of the American Institute of Architects and the National Institute of Building Sciences. BRIK is an interactive portal offering online access to peer-reviewed research projects and case studies in all facets of building, from predesign, design, and construction through occupancy and reuse.


Research funding from USAID - Jan. 24, 2018 deadline

Indoor Environmental Quality and Occupant Satisfaction in Green-Certified Buildings by Sergio Altomonte, Stefano Schiavon, Michael G. Kent, Gail Brager (SBSE digest. 11.15.17)

ASHRAE Opportunities

Deadlines mid-December:  

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